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Quora  Adult | Quora Funny  Questions

Quora  Adult | Quora Funny Questions

If you’re going to post adult content, make sure to designate it as such. Is there a part of Quora Hub for people over the age of 18? Certain topics are considered adult, and you can choose whether or not you want them in your feed (in your settings). However, because Quora Hub does not know your age, there are likely some non-adults who have opted to see certain topics.


How do I see an adult?


  1. Go to the Search Options page.
  2. Look for the area titled “SafeSearch filters.” Check the box next to “Filter explicit results” to enable SafeSearch. Uncheck the box next to “Filter explicit results” to disable Safe Search.
  3. Save is located at the bottom of the screen. Safe Search can be used to filter explicit results.


Is there an adult or mature section on Quora Hub ?


In certain ways, yes. You can accept or disallow adult topics in your settings.

When you first sign up for Quora Hub, it appears that these subjects are blocked by default, so go into settings and allow adult topics.

If you have the new Quora Hub design (apparently some people have it and others don’t), you can change your settings by clicking on your photo or avatar. Then, by sliding the circle to the right, select privacy and enable these topics.


If you have the previous design, go to your profile page by clicking on the person’s head in the picture. Then, on three dots, click. Then, under privacy, drag the circle to the right to enable adult topics.




Quora Hub is a fantastic tool for asking questions and getting answers from other people.


You may follow not only the people you care about on Quora Hub, but also their questions and answers to the issues that concern you. You will always have queries to which you may anticipate an answer, whether you are a business owner or a simple user. The Quora Hub  web site also provides you with the opinions of other people who work in your field of activity in order to help you find solutions to your difficulties.



The Following Are Some Of Quora’s Funniest Questions:


(1) Why did Einstein die if he was so brilliant?


(2) I aspire to be a decent and courteous vampire. I’m not sure where to begin.


(3) Am I a virgin if I ejaculate?


(4) Do girls in IITs date backlogged boys?


(5) If I was a beautiful youngster, why am I an ugly adult?


(6) Will everyone who reads this question become a Quora follower?


(7) Is it possible for a baby to become pregnant if someone has sex with a pregnant woman?


(8) A fish is said to have a short-term memory, however eating fish also sharpens the mind. When a shark consumes a smaller fish, what happens to it?


(9) Why do we have to clean our own behinds?


(10) How do I use asset pricing theory to determine the fair price of a girlfriend?


        To empower everyone with knowledge and benefit the world, we offer a wide range of questions. These questions affect people’s lives, explain recent world events, guide important life decisions, and provide insights into other people’s different thinking.

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