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Social networking forums for online discussion are internet sites where people hold meetings or conversations by posting messages. It is why they are otherwise also called “message boards.” These social networking forums are in the form of centralised locations where topics are discussed by various people who are in different places. These are elements of social media technologies in several states, such as – photo sharing, enterprise social networks, business networks, blogs, forums, product, and service reviews, social gaming, etc.

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Participants also ask questions and receive answers instantly from experts, which has recently made these social networking forums promising approaches in digital marketing and blogging for the official digital presence of these participants and the corresponding experts. Recently, online social networking forums have become a vital part of the online world as they create spaces for individuals who have and share the same interests to centralise. These social networking forums let such people exchange ideas on topical discussions.

This blog shares the best social networking forums for online discussion.

Warrior forum –

It is the world’s largest internet marketing community. Warrior Forum is a collaborative learning forum for internet marketing. The users pose questions in threads on this platform, and other users answer the questions based on their experience. This platform also has moderators to keep all the discussions in check and relevant. Warrior Forum is an advertising company that operates an online discussion forum for entrepreneurs and marketers. Clifton Allen founded this forum in 1996.

The Warrior Forum is an excellent internet marketing education and business platform. Thus, here are some thoughts that can be helpful when using the warrior forum. The warrior forum is a wealth of connections and information. Please do not take it lightly. Take this forum seriously and invest some time here focused on your growth. You may treat it like a side business and not a side hobby. Hobbies do not pay. Businesses pay. Use the search features of this forum. Most topics and questions have already been covered. So type in a few keywords and see what others are discussing.

The following are a few other popular social networking forums for online discussion.

1. Reddit –

This world website or online discussion forum aggregates news around the world. It allows online forum users to conduct topical discussions and rate the web content. Only registered members are granted access to the Reddit site, where they may also post their contents, which can include images, audio, memes, links, videos, etc., to be voted on for ranking or rating. Several topics are categorised into communities in this Reddit online discussion forum ( these communities in this Reddit online forum are also known as subreddits ).

Reddit is a social discussion, news aggregation, and web content rating website. Its registered viewers or members submit content such as text posts, images, links, and videos to the site, which is then rated up or down or voted by the other members. Reddit was founded in the USA in 2004, and since then till today, this online discussion platform has grown to have above 500 million active members per month.

2. Quora –

This world online discussion forum is based on questions and answers on several topics and subjects available for online forum members around the globe. Quora was founded by two former employees of the social networking forum Facebook in California, America, in 2008. Since then till now, it has had more than 300 million active members every month. It is still progressing in terms of popularity. Users of the Quora online discussion forum may collaborate by editing questions and commenting on answers submitted by the other members.

3. GitHub –

It is an online discussion platform used globally to converse on topics of common interest among users. This site serves as a code repository host for the user’s content. Members are permitted to share their projects since this platform has supported various types of files recently. GitHub developers may also centralise or collaborate on projects and make the space or site better by recommending new features and working together.

GitHub online discussion forum has more than 66 million software developers or members. Microsoft currently owns it. GitHub is a forum that offers internet hosting for version control and software development using Git. It provided the source code management functionality and distributed version control of Git in addition to its features.

4. Imgur –

It is an image-sharing site that started by hosting images and memes trending on Reddit. It is an online image hosting and sharing site. It has more than 150 million members and reaches up to 250 million users every month. This online discussion forum was created in 2008, and now, its users receive subscriptions that permit them to enjoy free experiences with the billions of images hosted on the site.

5. StackOverflow and StackExchange –

StackOverflow is a global online discussion forum. It centres on aggregating questions and answers for enthusiasts and professional programmers who use it. The site controls the StackExchange Network, created by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood in 2009. Since then till today, it has kept featuring the answers and questions on various topics in computer programming. StackExchange is a global forum or network aggregating answers and questions on topical discussions in diverse fields.

Each site covers a specific topic, and the answers, questions, and network users are subject to a reputable award process. The reputation system permits the place to be self-moderating. Both enable users to ask questions that bother software development and topics linked to STEM from around the world and get answers from their programmers.

The answers submitted may be rated or voted on depending upon their efficacies. Both sites provide quality online forum services to their members by scanning questions posted to ensure they are strictly programming-based and precise. Those who don’t meet this requirement are rejected. Recently, the two sites have had more than 60 million members.

6. Discord –

It is an online social networking forum commonly used for social gaming. Social gamers have gained more popularity and exposure, given their online presence using this online platform. It is an online community platform that provides real-time gamer communication. It has recently recorded more than 16 million users logging in daily and more than 250 million registered members globally. This social networking forum distributes digital messages instantly. Its members communicate with video calls, text messaging, voice calls, files, and media in private chats or as part of communities known as “servers.”       

7. Medium –

It is the world’s best online discussion platform owned by a medium Corporation. It hosts more than 50 million active members each month and permits users to post lengthy articles for viewers to read. Its users can link their social media accounts to this platform, and by doing so, they may direct their viewers or followers to access their published works easily.

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