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  • Ten Best Quora Alternatives 2022-2023

    As we know, most of us prefer to visit when we have a question in mind. Competitors attempt to beat its level because this free discussion forum provides quality information.

    Even if you do not find questions that are comparable to yours, you can still post a question in Quora and wait for a response. It is one of the best ways to get known for providing answers to questions and helping other people. So, here are the ten best Quora alternatives in the 2022-2023 list.

    Best alternatives for Quora:

    Still, some individuals are not comfortable using this discussion forum (Quora) due to the site’s layout & absence of obtainability of a user guide. There are a few alternatives to Quora that all of us may use.

    RE: Tell me the best alternatives of Quora ?

    Warrior Forum

    Warrior Forum is a network of question-and-answer sites covering a variety of topics, such as; dating, business, education, health, gambling, technology, movie, etc. With the help of the WarriorForum community, you may get the help to find answers to the world’s most crucial questions. 

    WarriorForum is the most informative online forum to discuss any topic globally. You must register for an account and make a profile before you can ask or answer a question.

    After that, you can participate in helping others and vote on other members’ responses.


    By sharing everything from questions to stories, Quorahub gives you a chance to increase your knowledge. Here, creators create millions of audiences renowned for their original ideas or hundreds of viewers for niche knowledge not available anywhere else.

    Here you may find various categories such as health, business, education, entertainment, game, lifestyle, news, and travel. 

    You may use this online chat room to spread your knowledge everywhere or get satisfactory answers to your questions as millions of individuals search for the answers here, and many of them are available to answer your questions. 

    Quorahub helps people of all age groups study, learn, & connect in a welcoming & safe discussion forum or community. You may add images with your question to make it stand out and get answers faster than others.

    Just Answer

    Although Quora’s voting method is based on confidence votes, it is not always certain that the answers are accurate and come from genuine experts. You can get answers from experts on Just Answer, including lawyers, computer specialists, doctors, mechanics, and home maintenance professionals. To support the query, you can write up your entire account and include every relevant detail. A professional is always on hand to evaluate your circumstance and provide you with the guidance they advise.

    But this discussion forum is not free. If the response completely satisfies you, you might have to pay the needed amount. You get to decide whether the expert’s answer is sufficient to warrant receiving payment because this compensation method is based on an honor system.


    Answerbag has an amusing & quirky-looking question-and-answer site that features like the layout. There isn’t much information available regarding the analytics of this website other than the fact that it is owned by Wired Ivy.

    Answerbag was once the second-largest social question & answer site next to Yahoo! Answers. 

    The website focuses on asking questions rather than responding to questions already available on the site. 


    The name of the question-and-answer website Fluther was inspired by a group of jellyfish.

    This online forum has four major categories: meta, general, just for you, & social. Fluther ensures you receive answers from a genuine person rather than ambiguous ones from any platform. Once you ask on the discussion forum platform, it directs your query (questions) to people they know that may help you with appropriate answers.

    There are 2 sections on the homepage: social and general. If you want to use this online discussion forum, you may use it. The Fluther’s site receives 194.3k visits monthly.


    ASKfm is a social media site where users may register and ask other users questions. This online forum has more than 215 million members and was founded in June 2010.

    Users can create a poll, ask friends directly, or ask people anonymously to gather alternative viewpoints. With the help of gamification, this lively and entertaining Q&A platform keeps users interested or engaged by awarding reputation points.

    The AnswerBank

    AnswerBank is a Q and A platform based in the United Kingdom. There is a large selection of categories to browse and post questions. There are numerous categories in which you can look through and post queries.

    You can participate in sections where people need help with tests, puzzles, and crosswords. This is an active discussion forum with Q&A posted daily. 


    StackExchange is one of the top online chat rooms where you may see various questions and answers on many topics, including sports, coffee, photography, and programming (Stack Overflow).

    In 2021, there were 3.2 million queries asked across the entire network of websites, which got an average of 431.8 million monthly views. paid $1.8 billion to acquire the company in June 2021. is one of the best online forums, formally known as WikiAnswers. It is a Q and A community site directed toward assisting students & their studies. Tens of millions of user-generated queries and answers have been posted on this online forum since 2021, with more than 3.5 million users globally.

    It’s difficult to predict how beneficial the site would be as a channel for marketing your company or business. However, there is a finance and business category with active users, which could assist you in becoming an authority in your relevant niche with a good plan or strategy.

    Ask Ubuntu

    Ask Ubuntu is one of the popular chat forums in 2022-2023. Here you may sign up or post answers as a user or guest. You have to create an account to ask any queries. 

    This discussion forum has 1.3 million users, and 385,000 questions have been asked on Ask Ubuntu. From this, you may guess how valuable this platform will be. 


    All of the above-mentioned discussion forums are alternatives to Quora, which will be very beneficial in 2022-2023. Many people use them and get a better experience with those platforms. If you want a platform different from Quora and can provide you with additional features, then you may definitely try any of them. We highly recommend WarriorForum and Quorahub, as we listed them in the top 2 best Quora alternatives

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  • Which Is The Best Forum For Questions And Answers?

    If you want to learn something new and exciting, you may write your Query on the discussion forums (question-and-answer websites). Also, if you know a lot about something, you might help others by answering their questions or queries.

    The most excellent features of these Q&A forums are that it covers all areas and subjects with several expectations. Q&A forums are not extremely popular as a business resource, but they are pretty famous for general questions, especially on sites like Warrior Forum or a newly-released Quora Hub. These online discussion sites consist of a robust follow-up debate on many of the answers.

    Best Forum For Questions And Answers

    However, discussion forums have grown in popularity in terms of general inquiries. These forums are standard Q&A sites with a list of experts competing to answer a question whenever one is posted. They will gain popularity over time-based on the quality of their answers, which are graded based on the readers’ responses.

    In this blog post, we’ll look over all the popular Q&A forums cooperating in enhancing your knowledge of all trending subjects.

    What Are Discussion Forums Or Q&A Online Discussion Sites?

    It is not sure that you will be successful with search engine optimization every time. You may encounter difficult situations when the only way out is to seek assistance from others. This is where websites come in handy. These Q&A forums enable people to exchange and improve their world knowledge.

    These forums allow members to hold discussions online. One member initiated the debate by publishing a topic, and the other replied. These online discussion sites will enable you to have conversations usually associated with daily routines such as lifestyle, healthcare, technologies, etc. You can always make a good impression, regardless of whether you have unanswered questions or the answers you know but others do not. It also aids in the development of a company’s credibility.

    How Do Q&A Forums Work?

    A Q&A forum is an online discussion site where experts share their opinions rather than answer questions. Yes, they technically answer questions, but it’s more like a discussion where multiple participants have their answers and ideas. Users seeking answers should distinguish between answers and comments on question-and-answers forums such as Warrior Forum. Their solutions are detailed, and many of them are well-recognized.

    What Are The Features Of Q&A Forums?

    Q&A Forums connect the people who know and those who need it most. Some of the features are:

    1. Q&A Forum connects people worldwide.
    2. Q&A Forums provide an excellent source of link building.
    3. Q&A Forums authorise everyone to share their knowledge.
    4. Q&A Forum drives a good amount of traffic to a website.
    5. Chances of appreciation from Google.

    Why Are Q&A Forums Essential For SEO?

    Q&A Forums drive a good amount of traffic to a website in specific ways:

    1. Consistently updated database.
    2. Picked from proven resources.
    3. High-domain authority sites.
    4. Easy to register and easy to post.
    5. Error-free sites.

    Furthermore, users benefit from these online discussion sites by receiving news, openness, and establishing authority in their expertise. If you are a company owner and want to promote your products and services on the internet, these websites act as a magnet in the market and with potential customers in the following ways:

    1. It aids in the generation of high-quality backlinks and visitors.
    2. It significantly improves organic search results.
    3. Q&A forums allow the addition of new visitors and monthly footfall.
    4. It aids in enhancing your company’s presence on the internet.
    5. It establishes your authority via consistent blogging and involvement.

    List Of Six Discussion Forum And Q&A Websites In 2022

    1. Warrior Forum

    Warrior Forum is the world’s largest online discussion site and marketing site. Warrior Forum’s community successfully built your business and expanded your marketing efforts.

    Warrior Forum is a discussion and Q&A Forum for business enthusiasts and digital marketers. Real-world online traffic, PPC ads, marketplace integration, cooperation, lead generation, and sales are all trending topical discussions that usually take place in Warrior Forum. Under these subheadings, various themes cover the whole business sector. There is also a community section where you may engage in off-topic discussions.

    2. Quora Hub

    The Quora Hub is a robust discussion forum that creates a user-friendly discussion board varying in different niches.

    Users may submit questions and answers, share files, photos, and videos, and vote on the best solutions in this Quora Hub Q&A Forum. Administrators control all questions, answers, alerts, and restriction capabilities. The Quora Hub also supports unlimited social media logins.

    3. Black Hat World

    Black Hat World is a recently developed online discussion forum that hosts questions and blogs based on taboo, marketing, and technology discussions.

    This Q&A forum strives to provide global information still locked in printed books, written manuscripts, people’s experiences, and recollections. Black Hat World is centred on questions and responses. It seeks to provide its customers with objective knowledge and good and meaningful dialogue on contentious issues. Let’s look further at some of its highlights:

    1. Activity feed.
    2. Following topics.
    3. Add comments to the answers.
    4. Sharing questions and answers.
    5. User profile.
    6. Home.
    7. Spaces.

    4. WP Answers

    WP Answers is a fully featured question-and-answer forum platform for WordPress sites. It’s a popular and highly-rated discussion forum plugin that integrates effortlessly with all WordPress themes, Facebook, and Twitter, which helps increase SEO.

    This plugin includes built-in moderation and spam tools, stack exchange automated content that rewards frequent users with points and more. This advanced plugin costs $34 annually and contains helpful support and upgrades.

    5. Blurtit

    Blurtit is an innovative online discussion site community that wants to change how people answer online questions.

    It will also offer you the answers you need. It provides free 24-hour access to vast information and millions of intelligent experts. Blurtit is similar to other sites where you can ask questions and get replies from actual people. This is also the place to go whether you’re seeking crossword clues, practical guidance, or a talk to find answers to your issues.

    6. Just Query

    Just Query is a Q&A forum based on real-time inquiries where questions are asked, answered, edited, and structured in the form of views by its community of users. The Just Query will supply you with the information you want. It assists people in improving their perspectives on specific issues and answering their questions. It is highly beneficial to developers and engineers in their personal and professional lives.

    Final Words

    The key to selecting the finest Q&A Forum plugin is to determine the plugin whose features are most compatible with your necessities. All of the forums and plugins on this list make it simple to add, answer, and vote on questions and answers.

    Therefore, using the demonstrations, pictures, and documentation is an excellent approach to choosing which Q&A plugin is best for your company.

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  • Top user Asked on November 22, 2022 in Education.

    England make big World Cup statement as Jude Bellingham shines in 6-2 win vs. Iran

     England make big World Cup statement as

    DOHA, Qatar – England kicked off their 2022 World Cup campaign with a 6-2 thrashing of Iran, thanks to a brace from Bukayo Saka and goals from Jude Bellingham, Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, and Jack Grealish.

    Bellingham scored his first England goal in the 35th minute, and Sterling and Saka helped Gareth Southgate’s side build a comfortable 3-0 lead before halftime.

    Before Mehdi Taremi scored a consolation goal for Iran just past the hour mark, Saka put England further out of reach with a brilliant individual effort. However, after Taremi’s stoppage-time penalty, substitutes Rashford and Grealish added gloss to the Three Lions’ Group B opener.

    JUMP TO: Player evaluations, Best/Worst Performers, Notable Moments, Post-Match Quotes, Key Statistics, Upcoming Events

     Click To Join :- 13 Best Gaming Forums to Talk About Video Games

    Rapid reaction

    1. England make a football statement, Iran make a political one

    Gareth Southgate’s team made a footballing statement as they cruised to a great victory on a day that started with a fight over anti-discrimination One Love armbands as England sought to make a political message. Just three hours prior to start, England decided against the gesture, putting captain Harry Kane in danger of receiving a yellow card because FIFA would not offer the seven countries planning to wear the armband special permission.

    However, the argument and the 10-minute delay caused by Iran goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand’s concussion and subsequent attempt to continue playing before calling for his own substitution in an absurd and perplexing display of the purported protocols had little impact on England’s performance. What on paper appeared to be a difficult match at the Khalifa International Stadium became a relative breeze thanks to three goals in an 11-minute flurry.

    Even yet, England knelt before the game in a continuation of the anti-racism message they sent at the postponed European Championship last summer. In contrast, the Iranian athletes did not participate in the national anthem prior to the game. The death of a 22-year-old woman while in the care of Iran’s morality police, which sparked the protests that have lasted more than two months, has led to one of the most audacious challenges to the country’s clerical leaders since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, though no one from their camp has officially confirmed the cause.

    2. Bellingham justifies the hype to give England hope

    Jude Bellingham’s emergence as a central midfielder, who can provide dynamism and ingenuity to a position England has lacked for years, is the biggest change in his England team since the team’s journey to the Euro 2020 final last year. The 19-year-old was therefore under a great deal of pressure as he made only his ninth international debut and became the third-youngest player to start an England World Cup game on Monday.

    Not much could have gone more smoothly. After 35 minutes, Bellingham rose deftly to masterfully drive a magnificent header past Luke Shaw for the opening goal. This was the pinnacle of a first half in which he successfully completed all 40 of his attempted passes, 10 of which came in the final third. His goal made him the first player born in the twenty-first century to score at a World Cup. With his forward motion and connection to Kane, Bellingham played a key role in England’s third goal, which Raheem Sterling finished first-time at the near post.

    Bellingham already appears to be crucial to providing England’s attacking players with the kind of support they need. There is still a long way to go, but this was a very encouraging start that undoubtedly got the attention of the big teams interested in signing the Borussia Dortmund star, including Liverpool, Manchester City, and Real Madrid.

    For the second World Cup in a row, England scored six goals in one game. Getty Images/Justin Setterfield

    3. Change of system sees England put best foot forward

    When Gareth Southgate plays a back three, some argue that England is too cautious, but when they play with a back four, they are typically more aggressive. Southgate’s perspective is influenced by England’s consistent tournament struggles before his appointment in 2016 — losing the ball in midfield and being too predictable in open play, to name just two examples — and he frequently prefers the security of an additional central defender to help counteract these limitations.

    Although there is a growing argument that this group of players is talented enough to be trusted to play without the inherent caution, Southgate’s side brimmed with flair and invention, so the decision to deploy England in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 shape here rather than the 3-4-3 used in previous matches was the right one. A tightly packed and well-drilled Iranian team, albeit one that was unduly committed to defending until the game was lost, was simply unable to compete, and the breadth of attacking skill at Southgate’s disposal was demonstrated by the goals scored by substitutes Marcus Rashford and Jack Grealish.

    Mehdi Taremi scored a fine consolation goal on 65 minutes before adding a second deep in stoppage time for a penalty awarded on VAR review, but the demand for Southgate to release the handbrake will only increase in the wake of this. There were still some defensive issues.

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  • Top user Asked on November 21, 2022 in Education.

    Social networking forums for online discussion are internet sites where people hold meetings or conversations by posting messages. It is why they are otherwise also called “message boards.” These social networking forums are in the form of centralised locations where topics are discussed by various people who are in different places. These are elements of social media technologies in several states, such as – photo sharing, enterprise social networks, business networks, blogs, forums, product, and service reviews, social gaming, etc.

     social networking forums

    Participants also ask questions and receive answers instantly from experts, which has recently made these social networking forums promising approaches in digital marketing and blogging for the official digital presence of these participants and the corresponding experts. Recently, online social networking forums have become a vital part of the online world as they create spaces for individuals who have and share the same interests to centralise. These social networking forums let such people exchange ideas on topical discussions.

    This blog shares the best social networking forums for online discussion.

    Warrior forum –

    It is the world’s largest internet marketing community. Warrior Forum is a collaborative learning forum for internet marketing. The users pose questions in threads on this platform, and other users answer the questions based on their experience. This platform also has moderators to keep all the discussions in check and relevant. Warrior Forum is an advertising company that operates an online discussion forum for entrepreneurs and marketers. Clifton Allen founded this forum in 1996.

    The Warrior Forum is an excellent internet marketing education and business platform. Thus, here are some thoughts that can be helpful when using the warrior forum. The warrior forum is a wealth of connections and information. Please do not take it lightly. Take this forum seriously and invest some time here focused on your growth. You may treat it like a side business and not a side hobby. Hobbies do not pay. Businesses pay. Use the search features of this forum. Most topics and questions have already been covered. So type in a few keywords and see what others are discussing.

    The following are a few other popular social networking forums for online discussion.

    1. Reddit –

    This world website or online discussion forum aggregates news around the world. It allows online forum users to conduct topical discussions and rate the web content. Only registered members are granted access to the Reddit site, where they may also post their contents, which can include images, audio, memes, links, videos, etc., to be voted on for ranking or rating. Several topics are categorised into communities in this Reddit online discussion forum ( these communities in this Reddit online forum are also known as subreddits ).

    Reddit is a social discussion, news aggregation, and web content rating website. Its registered viewers or members submit content such as text posts, images, links, and videos to the site, which is then rated up or down or voted by the other members. Reddit was founded in the USA in 2004, and since then till today, this online discussion platform has grown to have above 500 million active members per month.

    2. Quora –

    This world online discussion forum is based on questions and answers on several topics and subjects available for online forum members around the globe. Quora was founded by two former employees of the social networking forum Facebook in California, America, in 2008. Since then till now, it has had more than 300 million active members every month. It is still progressing in terms of popularity. Users of the Quora online discussion forum may collaborate by editing questions and commenting on answers submitted by the other members.

    3. GitHub –

    It is an online discussion platform used globally to converse on topics of common interest among users. This site serves as a code repository host for the user’s content. Members are permitted to share their projects since this platform has supported various types of files recently. GitHub developers may also centralise or collaborate on projects and make the space or site better by recommending new features and working together.

    GitHub online discussion forum has more than 66 million software developers or members. Microsoft currently owns it. GitHub is a forum that offers internet hosting for version control and software development using Git. It provided the source code management functionality and distributed version control of Git in addition to its features.

    4. Imgur –

    It is an image-sharing site that started by hosting images and memes trending on Reddit. It is an online image hosting and sharing site. It has more than 150 million members and reaches up to 250 million users every month. This online discussion forum was created in 2008, and now, its users receive subscriptions that permit them to enjoy free experiences with the billions of images hosted on the site.

    5. StackOverflow and StackExchange –

    StackOverflow is a global online discussion forum. It centres on aggregating questions and answers for enthusiasts and professional programmers who use it. The site controls the StackExchange Network, created by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood in 2009. Since then till today, it has kept featuring the answers and questions on various topics in computer programming. StackExchange is a global forum or network aggregating answers and questions on topical discussions in diverse fields.

    Each site covers a specific topic, and the answers, questions, and network users are subject to a reputable award process. The reputation system permits the place to be self-moderating. Both enable users to ask questions that bother software development and topics linked to STEM from around the world and get answers from their programmers.

    The answers submitted may be rated or voted on depending upon their efficacies. Both sites provide quality online forum services to their members by scanning questions posted to ensure they are strictly programming-based and precise. Those who don’t meet this requirement are rejected. Recently, the two sites have had more than 60 million members.

    6. Discord –

    It is an online social networking forum commonly used for social gaming. Social gamers have gained more popularity and exposure, given their online presence using this online platform. It is an online community platform that provides real-time gamer communication. It has recently recorded more than 16 million users logging in daily and more than 250 million registered members globally. This social networking forum distributes digital messages instantly. Its members communicate with video calls, text messaging, voice calls, files, and media in private chats or as part of communities known as “servers.”       

    7. Medium –

    It is the world’s best online discussion platform owned by a medium Corporation. It hosts more than 50 million active members each month and permits users to post lengthy articles for viewers to read. Its users can link their social media accounts to this platform, and by doing so, they may direct their viewers or followers to access their published works easily.

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  • Top user Asked on November 19, 2022 in Business.

    Forum Online Quora Hub | Question & Answer

    Quora Hub is a question and answer website where users can ask and search for answers to their questions and receive responses from experts.
    An online forum is a terrific location to discuss any topic with individuals who share your interests. These forums are online group communities where you may start a conversation, get an answer to a question, or even look for new business opportunities.
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  • Questions Or Answers Qu(Or)A Hub | Quora Recent And funny Questions

    Quora Hubis a social question and answer engine that may help you build a community and interact with others, whether you’re looking for questions or answers.
    Recent funny Questions On Quora Hub
      How do I deal with my relatives, who let me remain at their house and constantly ask me silly questions about my job?
    What’s the strangest video game conversation you’ve ever had with your child?
    Quora Hub is a website where you can ask any question you want and get answers from individuals who have been where you are and done that. It’s a safe haven for scientists, entrepreneurs, mechanics, artists, and homemakers who are forced to communicate what they know in the face of disinformation.


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  • Quora Hub meaning | Digest Of Quora Hub |  Questions And Answers Of Quora Hub

    Quora Hub is a website where you can ask any question you want and get answers from individuals who have been where you are and done that.

    Quora Hub Digest

    The Quora Hub Digest is a weekly email that is issued to everyone with a Quora Hub  account. You will immediately receive the Digest if you created an account just to read one response. Quora Hub  is much like any other social media site on the internet in terms of security.

    Questions of Quora Hub

    _How do I address my relatives, who allow me stay at their residence and continuously inquire from me stupid questions on my job?
    _What’s the strangest online game communication you’ve got ever had together along with your child?
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  • Quora Hub is a website where you can ask whatever questions you want and get answers from individuals who have been where you are. It’s a safe haven for scientists, entrepreneurs, mechanics, artists, and housewives who are forced to share what they know as a result of disinformation.


    Quora Hub is a Question and answer forums are a variation on ordinary discussion forums that include a protocol for the question and answer procedure.


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  • Is Quora Hub  a good platform to ask questions?

    Q&A platform Quora Hub

    Quora Hub is a popular question and answer platform; here is a step-by-step explanation on how to ask a question on Quora Hub. Quora Hub is a well-known question and answer site where members of the Quora Hub  community can ask, answer, modify, and organise questions.

    The finest venue for general purpose inquiries and answers is undoubtedly Quora Hub.

    The finest platform for IT-related questions and answers is undoubtedly Quora Hub.

    Quora Hub is a website where you may post questions for other members to answer, as well as answer questions on which you have knowledge and interest. This is what you’d want if you want an academic approach to engage with strangers online that’s not like Facebook or Twitter.


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  • Top user Asked on November 19, 2022 in Business.

    Quora Hub is a popular question and answer site that can help you launch a successful marketing campaign.
    Quora Hub is a social questions & Answers Engine which will help you establish your community and connect with other people, Questions Or Answers.

    A website that allows users to exchange information about a specific topic over the internet . Members can post questions or conversation prompts and respond to each other in online forums

    With industry thought leadership and content marketing, Quora Hub is a unique marketing platform where businesses can contribute expertise to promote their brand and engage their target audience

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