Black hat chat

The Internet is a black hole. You can do anything on the Internet, from gambling, to TV, to reading. You can find anything on the Internet, from groceries, to cars, to guns. You can also write anything on the Internet. With so many mediums to express written word, the Internet is an incubator for all people (good and evil). Forums and blogs allow for people from all walks of life to write about and discuss topics of personal interest and importance; may that be something relating to food, or something related to the annihilation of millions of Jews. The Internet is a place with virtually no laws, and no rules in the black hat chat.

The only feasible kind of governance is to physically restrict one user from viewing the content of another, which is far from simple. There is no way to know who writes what and for what reason, thanks to the emergence of IP blinding methods and other algorithms that strengthen online privacy and anonymity. There are even black market social engineers who are paid astronomical sums to manipulate voters in political elections.

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Black hat chat

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