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Depression Forums, Discussion And Message Boards | Warrior Forum

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Depression Forums, Discussion And Message Boards | Warrior Forum

The lifelong treatment of severe depression must include ongoing support groups because some patients will relapse at some point in their lives. These relapses, however, do not have to prevent those who are struggling from experiencing life to the fullest. Consider the British leader Winston Churchill, who battled depression his whole life and referred to it as his “black hound.” 


 Despite having a black dog, Sir Winston Churchill went on to become a politician, the first person to be named an honorary citizen of the United States, as well as the prime minister of England, an officer, historian, writer, and Nobel Prize laureate. Despite his lifelong battle, Sir Winston Churchill was able to do more than most; you can too. You only need to understand that depression is a disease, not a character flaw.


Treat your depression gently but firmly using all of the treatments at your disposal, including a peer support network like the one we are providing for you right now.

We at HealthfulChat are aware of the vulnerability, physical disease, and sense of isolation brought on by depression. This depression webpage was created to reassure you that you are not alone in fighting this daily battle. You can find new friends who actually understand where you’re coming from on the depression social network, depression forums, and the depression chat room. Join us right away to start interacting with, sharing with, and supporting others.

The demands of depression, the most prevalent mental disorder worldwide, are taken into consideration by HealthfulChat. By providing this peer support network, we are wholly committed to meeting the requirements of the population that has succumbed to depression. You may find a depression chat room, forums, and social network on this website. HealthfulChat hopes that these crucial forms of peer support, along with any medical care you may be receiving, will help you emerge from the darkness of depression so that you may start to enjoy life once more.


Prolonged sadness, hopelessness, low self-esteem, restlessness, anxiety, and frustration are some of the symptoms of depression. On certain days, you might not have the energy to accomplish the things that used to make you happy or even to get out of bed. You can experience loneliness and physical discomfort. Anyone can experience depression at any time, possibly as a result of a chemical imbalance, a painful life event, or after giving birth, to mention a few. Although HealthfulChat always supports seeking expert medical advice, we also believe that joining a support group can be a great way to start your journey out of the shadows and back into the light. HealthfulChat applauds you for finding us and understands that living with clinical depression can sometimes make it challenging to get through the day.

There are many ways in which you can communicate your feelings to others via this website. As you can see to the left of this text, we offer you the opportunity to talk to others via our live Depression Chat Rooms (open 24/7), leave messages for others to respond to via our Depression Forums, and you could even start writing your own Blog. If you’re artistically minded why not express yourself by freely sharing your artwork or music using our Media Gallery?

We have included as many forms of communication as possible because we realise that everyone is different, and feel comfortable expressing themselves in different ways.

Simply navigate your way around this site using the panel on the left to find the medium(s) of communication you prefer and that suit you. Alternatively click on Community to see the full range of services we offer.

 Depression affects people in different ways. It can affect your mind, body and behaviour.

You might feel:

  • sad, upset or tearful
  • guilty or worthless
  • restless or irritable
  • empty and numb
  • lacking in self-confidence and self-esteem
  • unable to enjoy things that usually bring you pleasure
  • helpless or hopeless
  • anxious or worried
  • suicidal or want to hurt yourself

Physical symptoms can include:

  • tiredness and lack of energy
  • moving or speaking more slowly
  • sleep problems: finding it hard to get to sleep or waking up very early
  • changes in your weight or appetite
  • constipation
  • no sex drive and/or sexual problems
  • unexplained aches and pains

You might behave differently. You may:

  • avoid other people, even your close friends
  • find it hard to function at work, college or school
  • find it difficult to make decisions or think clearly
  • be unable to concentrate or remember things

Some people experience psychosis during a severe episode of depression. This means you may see or hear things that aren’t there or believe things that aren’t true.

Different types of depression

Your doctor may diagnose you with depression and say that it’s mild, moderate or severe depending on your symptoms and how severe they are. Or you may be diagnosed with a specific type of depression, such as:

  • dysthymia – mild depression that lasts for several years
  • seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern
  • postnatal depression – depression that many parents experience after having a baby. Some people experience antenatal depression during pregnancy

Self-help resources

Your GP may offer you self-help resources. These are often available quite quickly and may be enough to help you feel better without trying other options. They include self-help books, online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or group exercise classes – there is evidence that exercise can help depression.

The NHS website has more information about self-help, including links to books, apps and online forums.



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