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How to create a discussion forum. We’ll go through how to identify a profitable niche, how to set 

How to create a discussion forum. We’ll go through how to identify a profitable niche, how to set up the forum technically (domain, hosting, forum software, needed pages), how to market it to get members, and how to efficiently monetize your forum.

I hope the rapid growth of social network discussion groups like Facebook Groups and LinkedIn doesn’t put you off. Even while social media has diverted some attention away from forums, there are still many active and profitable groups. And I’m excited to work with you to get one started.

Online communities and discussion forums have been around for a long time. There are several reasons why online communities have remained popular and active throughout time. However, there are certain challenges to overcome when beginning a forum, but if done correctly, you can overcome them and reap the rewards of a lively community.

blackhatworld community is here to help you broaden your horizons. Our objective is to exchange information and flourish as a community. Sometimes the information we all have is locked up in our minds and can only be accessed if we know the appropriate individuals. The blackhatworld community connects people who have information with others who need it. We bring together people with diverse viewpoints and help them better understand one another.


  • You may create a forum in any niche.
  • The amount of data available has the potential to grow at an alarming rate.
  • Subjects are archived so that future generations might learn more about them.
  • Active users are extremely dedicated, at least for a time.
  • You can build an active member base and correctly monetize it.
  • Respond to reader inquiries quickly and efficiently.
  • Because of you, your members can communicate with one another.
  • Your members provide fresh material.
  • When people quit social networks, they are frequently concerned about their privacy and security.

In this complete article, I’ll teach you hotworking platforms.


  • Your forum must receive a lot of traffic or it will fall silent and eventually expire.
  • Moderation of entries and keeping the forum active takes a significant amount of time and effort.
  • To keep the forum clean, you’ll need effective anti-spam software.
  • If your forum gets popular, traffic may rise during heated debates, necessitating a large amount of bandwidth

Before you create a forum, think about what you want to achieve.

There are a few things you should know before starting a forum. Please read the following section carefully since it may be the difference between a thriving community and another project failure.

You should be motivated by your passion, not by money in Discussion Forums.

A financial strategy is vital, but it should not be your driving force. Many forum owners are now generating money as a result of their strong and admirable passion for the community’s subject matter. This brings me to the second point I’d want to make.

Recognize How Communities Function in Discussion Forums

Let me ask you a question: Do you still go to every website where you used to be an avid supporter? Even if the websites are generally excellent, you’ve probably moved on by now.

Human nature requires us to utilise things in cycles, going away for a period of time and then (perhaps) returning. As a result, accumulating a small number of forum subscribers would never suffice. Many former users will have relocated to other locations by the time you double (or maybe triple) that number.

Prepare to put in a lot of effort.

I’m not going to lie: hosting a forum is challenging. People who join a relatively empty forum are unlikely to start a topic. But how can you get things started if you need others to interact?

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