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Discussion Forums


Online discussion boards are a fantastic way to hold lengthy conversations or debates in class.


Because the talks take place online, anyone may join in regardless of where they are and can comment whenever and however they want.


Links to websites that let you or your students quickly and simply set up free & secure online forums may be found on this page.


Which one you choose to utilise is up to you because they all achieve the same goal:


Chat Rooms


Discussions take place in real time in a chat room, thus anybody wishing to participate must be present in the chat room at the same moment. As a result, they can be more difficult to organise than forum discussions and are also far more difficult to monitor because the discussions and replies happen so quickly.


While our forum could be a better option for you if you have a lot of background material to provide, our chatroom is a terrific option if you simply want to run your difficulties by other people informally.


As a result, I advise using forums with your students to encourage class discussions rather than chat rooms, but if you do need to have a real-time conversation in a chat room, you can set this up using the links below.

  • Chat Step

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