Everything to Know about Google Pigeon Rank Algorithm

What is Google Pigeon?

One of the biggest changes to Google’s local and local organic results to date occurred after Pigeon’s release on August 20, 2013. Search Engine Land, a trade journal that got information about Pigeon’s goals directly from Google, gave this update its name.

The Google Pigeon Rank Algorithm was created to enhance distance-based ranking factors and to tie Google’s local search algorithm more closely to its online algorithm. For weeks after the Pigeon release, the local SEO community observed daily changes to local and local-organic ranks, including the widespread replacement of the earlier 7-pack type of local results with packs that only include three listings.

The Google Pigeon Rank Algorithm was created to hook into Google’s local search algorithm and to  criteria for more enhanced distance-based and location-based ranking

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The Google Pigeon Rank Algorithm

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