Friendly Online Communities And Forums | Warrior Forum

Friendly Online Communities And Forums | Warrior Forum

Do you believe that your online community is beginning to feel more and more like actual friends?

Friendly Online Communities And Forums | Warrior Forum

As a content producer, developing a devoted online community can aid in strengthening your connection to your audience. In turn, that can help you grow your company by boosting sales, engagement, and customer retention.

You must choose the best online community platform, though, if you want your community to succeed.

We have advice for you whether you’ve just begun to think about using an online community platform or you’re looking for ways to interact with your online audience more effectively.

The top 15 online community platforms for 2022 will be discussed today:

  1. Uscreen
  2. Mighty Networks
  3. Tribe
  4. Circle
  5. Hivebrite
  6. Disciple
  7. Discourse
  8. Vanilla Forums
  9. Podia
  10. Facebook Groups
  11. BuddyBoss
  12. Khoros
  13. Higher Logic
  14. PeerBoard
  15. PlushForums

What Is a Community Platform?

Content producers can design a secure environment on community platforms so that users can interact. They frequently have moderators, interaction opportunities, and benefits.

Thanks to solutions like these, online community platforms can also make it simpler for you to begin interacting with your audience.

  • Personalised feeds
  • Group chats
  • Live streams
  • Member profiles
  • Event management
  • Customizable themes

When searching for the best online community platform, it’s important to keep in mind:

  • What features will be most helpful for your members
  • How customizable do you want it to be 
  • Whether you need tools other than the community features
  • How much you’re willing to invest in a platform

That way, you’ll make sure you’re creating the best place to engage with your audience and grow your business.

Importance of Online Communities

The advantages of starting your own online community are numerous.

Because we are social beings, it is in our instinct to associate with those who share our interests.

Therefore, if you’re a content producer and have a following, they’ll probably be happy to interact with you more frequently and receive exclusive content. Plus, they’ll have the ability to connect with other like-minded people.

Online community platforms can be of assistance to you in this situation:

  • Build customer relationships
  • Provide support and help
  • Increase engagement
  • Grow your audience

Here are some hard facts you should know:

  • 67% of customers are loyal to a brand because of its community.
  • 27% of customers said online communities influence their purchase of a product or service.
  • 66% of business owners believe that their community significantly helped them retain customers.

What Are The Best Online Community Platforms?

Now let’s take a look at the best online community platforms of 2022

We’ll go over…

  • each platform
  • their key features
  • pricing options

…and then you’ll be ready to decide which one to go for.

WarriorForum Community– To those who have never experienced an online community they may seem pointless, a waste of time or simply childish. However, for those that have expanded beyond the traditional means of communication such as, talking on the telephone or conversing face-to-face, online communities offer a new and exciting means of communication. They offer a chance to meet others, gain advice, voice an opinion, defend an argument, or to simply relax and have a little fun. Acknowledging both points of view, I decided to explore the world of online communities for myself.

Quora Hub – For my online community I decided to enter Quora Hub, country music,Chat Room. Through Quora Hub, there were many different chat rooms you could enter ranging from sports, to current events. However, I chose to enter the country music room because I have listened to country music all my life and I thought who I would best relate to those that would be in a country music room. Within the country music topic there were fourteen different rooms; I chose room four because it contained the most people: 44 active members. Therefore, I assumed that it would be the most active.

WarriorForum– Inside the chat room I was surprised at what I found. The first thing that I noticed was the names of the chatters. Each had some sort of country name such as, “rodeo cowgirl” or “bull riding cowboy.” While looking through the conversations that were occurring I noticed that no one was discussing country music. In fact, the entire time I was in the chat room the topic rarely even appeared. I tried writing a post that said, “Does anyone know who sang the song ‘Thunder Rolls’?” About five minutes later, I received a response that said “Garth ..

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