How To Play Sic Bo Game And Best Strategies?

How to Play Sic Bo Game?

It is a three-dice game developed from an ancient Chinese dice game. It will take an average reader a moment or two to understand the rules and layout of this game.

This game is played on a sic bo table with three dice, online or in a land-based casino. The players must place a wager on one of the many bet options available on the table layout.

After putting them in a plastic cylinder, the dice are given a good shake. In the online version of this game, this is done virtually. Once the dice results are disclosed, some games will be on the table that will be termed winners. If the players bet on these spots, they will be paid according to the odds on the pay table.

Do you know how to play sic bo? If not, here is a step-by-step guide that can help you in becoming a pro in this game:

Sic Bo Game 

  1. Place Your Bets

Firstly, you must place your bets by putting chips on your desired outcomes. You can bet on many outcomes because there is no limit. However, you should avoid betting on results that contradict each other too often.

  1. Roll The Dice

The game Sic Bo online multiple versions feature a live dealer who rolls the dice.  

  1. Collect Your Winnings and Place New Bets

This game is purely a game of chance, and you cannot take steps to build your Sic Bo odds. However, you can use the following Sic bo strategy:

  • If you are looking to find the smallest house edge, try the even, odd, small, or big bets. These are as close to even odds (a coin flip) as possible.
  • You should look for casinos with the best Sic bo payout, reducing the Sic bo house edge.
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