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Influencer Marketing | Blackhatworld

Influencer marketing, sometimes referred to as branded content or working with artists, is a tried-and-true strategy for boosting your brand’s social media presence.

Influencer Marketing | Blackhatworld

There is no one-size-fits-all method for implementing this strategy, but almost any organisation may reap the rewards with the correct planning and research. How can you make a social media influencer programme work for you? Let’s examine this.

How to Develop a Strategy for Influencer Marketing

  1. Choose your objectives.
  2. Recognize the people you’re aiming to impact 
  3. Take into account the three Rs of influence
  4. Compile a list of influential people.
  5. Research your topic
  6. Make direct, personal contact
  7. Work with your influencer to create content that will be successful 
  8. Track your progress

What is influencer marketing?

A simple definition of an influencer is someone who has the power to affect others. Brands pay individuals to promote their goods or services to their followers through influencer marketing, a type of social media marketing.

Influencer marketing started with celebrity endorsements. But in the modern digital era, social content producers with specialised audiences can frequently provide companies with more value. On social media, the fans of these smaller accounts are frequently highly active.

Therefore, a social media influencer is a person who uses social media to exert their influence. Influencer marketing is when you work with a celebrity to promote your goods or services.

The percentage of American marketers that plan to employ influencer marketing this year is over three-quarters (72.5%), and it is steadily rising.

You’re not sure that working with influencers to promote your brand may actually help you grow your company. Civic Science discovered that 14% of 18 to 24 year olds and 11% of millennials had purchased something during the last six months as a result of a blogger or influencer’s recommendation.

The preferred platform for social influencers right now is Instagram. 76.6% of American marketers are expected to utilise Instagram for influencer campaigns in 2023, according to eMarketer’s projections. TikTok, however, should be watched.

How much does social influencer marketing cost?

Influencers who have a wide audience should be compensated for their efforts. Nano-influencers might benefit from free products, but a broader influencer effort needs funding.

That budget may be substantial for huge corporations engaging with celebrity influencers. For instance, U.S. influencer marketing spending is anticipated to surpass $4 billion in 2022.

Consider the payment plan that best serves your objectives. However, be prepared to take into account the influencer’s needs as well. For instance, an affiliate or commission system could be used in place of or to offset the flat fee.

In fact, 9.3% of American influencers claimed that affiliate marketing—through affiliate links and discount codes—was their main source of income.

Having stated that, the following is the most typical baseline pricing formula for influencers’ Instagram posts:

Total rate: $100 x 10,000 followers plus extras.

Which extras are they? For further information, see our article on influencer pricing.

Bear in mind that payment terms for micro- and nano-influencers will be more lenient.

How to create an influencer marketing strategy

1. Determine your goals

Reaching new target audiences is the top objective for brands employing influencer marketing. This is understandable given that an influencer campaign broadens your audience to include the person’s followers.

Keep in mind that attracting new clients is the main objective rather than immediately closing deals. In fact, behind raising brand recognition and encouraging product consideration, generating sales is the third most frequent objective of influencer marketing efforts.

Consider how your influencer marketing approach will fit into your overall social media marketing plan as you develop measurable objectives you can measure and report on.

To get you started, we’ve developed a full blog page dedicated to goal-setting techniques.

2. Know who you’re trying to influence

In order to use influencer marketing effectively, you must talk to the appropriate audiences while utilising the appropriate tools and influencers.

Identifying your target audience for your particular campaign is the first step.

Making sure you know who you’re attempting to target by creating audience personas is a smart idea. Maybe you’re aiming to connect with a larger portion of your current audience or a completely different one.

Make an appropriate set of influencer personas once you’ve made your choice. This will enable you to better comprehend the traits you desire in your influencers.

3. Understand the rules

It’s critical to comprehend the regulations before you start using influencer marketing. The Federal Trade Commission is responsible for these regulations in the US.

Disclosure is something the FTC takes very seriously. In your contracts with influencers, be sure to include transparency policies.

Influencers need to indicate sponsored posts. They don’t always act in this manner, either. Alternatively, they can do it in a manner that is so deceptive that the disclosure is imperceptible.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) of the UK, for instance, looked into Instagram’s “hidden advertising” and put pressure on Facebook, Instagram’s parent firm, to make adjustments that would make disclosure simpler and more obvious.

Check the most recent regulations in your jurisdiction as the particular rules differ slightly between nations. In order for people to recognise when a piece is sponsored in any form, you mostly need to be transparent and open.

The FTC has provided the following critical points:

  • Written and verbal disclosure of the cooperation must be included in video reviews. It needs to be in the video itself (not just the description).
  • Social networking networks’ default tools are insufficient on their own. But you still need to apply them. Instagram now mandates that any branded content (also known as influencer marketing) posted on the platform utilises the Branded Content tag to indicate the affiliation. The post header will now include the wording “Paid partnership with [your brand name].”
  • Useful hashtags for disclosure include #ad and #sponsored. However, make sure they stand out and are not merely added to meet the demand for a lengthy string of tags.

It’s critical to note that last point. Influencers might hesitate to use the #ad or #sponsored hashtags up front. However, that is the proper location.

 Consider the three Rs of influence

Influence is made up of three components:

  • Relevance
  • Reach
  • Resonance


A relevant influencer promotes material that is pertinent to your company and sector. Their audience must be compatible with your target demographic.

Adore Me, for instance, collaborated with body positive advocate Remi Bader in order to highlight their inclusive swimsuit sizing.


You requested a photo of my swimming suits’ backs, so here it is! Original tune by Remi Jo for the @adoreme #adore me ambassador

The video introduced the brand to an outstanding organic community of devoted followers, garnering 3.2 million views on Bader’s TikTok and more than 8,800 likes on her Instagram Reels.

Additionally, Adore Me created an Instagram advertisement and Instant Experience using Bader’s content. With a 16% lower cost per customer than their typical Instagram ad efforts, the influencer campaign increased subscription opt-in by 25%.


Reach is the whole population that you might be able to influence through the influencer’s fan base. It’s important to keep in mind that a tiny audience can still be beneficial if it has a strong enough following to support your objectives.


This represents the possible amount of interaction the influencer can develop with a target market that is appropriate for your business.

To not overstate the case, bigger isn’t necessarily better. A large following is pointless if your fans are uninterested in your offer, as we have stated. On the other hand, niche influencers may have fans that are extremely devoted and involved.

5. Compile a short list of influencers

The main factor to consider when choosing your collaborators is trust. Your target audience must appreciate and believe the influencers’ viewpoints. Any results will be merely surface-level without the trust element. It will be difficult for you to observe a real impact on your business.

How can you identify if a potential influencer can be relied upon? Engagement. There should be a lot of views, likes, comments, and shares. You want to see these specifically from the follower segments you are aiming to reach.

Instead of an inflated follower count boosted by bots and fraudulent accounts, a high interaction rate indicates a loyal following. You need to track down someone who creates content that matches your own in terms of style and feel.

The tone must also fit the way you want potential clients to perceive your brand. This will guarantee that neither party’s social media posts appear to be randomly scattered.

6. Do your research

Look at the posts made by the people who might be influential. How frequently do they share content that is sponsored?

If they are already bombarding followers with several paid posts, their engagement rate might not last. To keep fans interested, enthused, and engaged, be sure to post lots of organic, unpaid material.

Remember this as you consider the content you’ll ask the influencer to post. Even if you offer the influencer a significant salary, it will be difficult for them to accept your offer if you ask for too many postings in a short period of time.

Influencers who are popular receive numerous offers. You’ll need to demonstrate when you first approach an influencer that you’ve taken the time to research their business.

Make sure you are well aware of the topics covered on their channels as well as who their target audience is.

7. Reach out privately, and personally

Slowly begin a conversation with a new possible mate by naturally responding to their posts. favour their content If appropriate, make a comment. Don’t be pushy; be appreciative.

A direct message is a terrific place to start when you’re ready to propose a partnership. Try an email address as well, if you can find one. However, avoid sending a mass email or generic DM.

Writing a customised letter to each influencer can take a little more time. But it will demonstrate that you are committed to the future collaboration. Your chances of closing a deal will rise as a result.

As much information as you can about your brand should be provided. Inform them of your goals for your Instagram promotion. Make it obvious how the influencer will profit, besides from the money.

One important thing to remember is that when approaching potential partners, you might not want to use the term “influencer.” In their opinion, the term “influencer” is a slight that denigrates their effort, and content creators would like to be referred to simply as “creators.”

8. Collaborate with your influencer to develop effective content

A social media influencer who has invested a lot of time and energy into growing their audience won’t agree to a deal that makes their own personal brand seem inconsistent.

Influencers are professionals at producing content, after all. Because of this, they favour the term “creators.” By letting them use their abilities, you’ll get the most out of their effort.

Naturally, it’s a good idea to offer some guidelines regarding what you’re looking for. The entire campaign cannot, however, be stage-managed.

9. Measure your results

It can be easy to concentrate on gaudy metrics like likes and comments when you launch your influencer campaign. You might be a little taken aback by the enormous number of likes that can accrue if your influencer has a lot greater following than you do.

The worth of a campaign in terms of return on investment must be understood, though, in order to assess its efficacy. There are, fortunately, several techniques to assess the effectiveness of your campaign.

The use of UTM parameters is one method for tracking the website visitors that influencers direct to your site. Additionally, they can be used to gauge the level of participation in the campaign.

You’ll see the results clearly if you use UTM codes to provide each influencer their own special links. This enables you to determine the effect on your bottom line.

Influencer marketing tools

Now that you’re prepared to begin using influencer marketing, here are some tools to help.


Hootsuite search streams can assist you in finding influencers by keeping an eye on conversations taking place across many channels that are pertinent to your sector.

Add your initial list of influencers to a stream so you can keep track of what they post and who they interact with. By showcasing additional prospective influencers to collaborate with, you will be better able to comprehend their importance to your audience.

Right Relevance Pro

The top material shared by influencers can be found using this app depending on topic and location. Based on the calibre of the content they share, use it to find possible influencer partnerships and identify thought leaders.

Fourstarzz Influencer Recommendation Engine

The influencer recommendations offered by this app are personalised. It aids in the estimation of reach, engagements, and other campaign outcomes and directs you while formulating influencer campaign bids.


Incense links businesses with a network of 35,000 content producers to create unique, branded content. After that, you may advertise the material on Facebook and Instagram, prepare it for Instagram Stories, and use the AI video editor to split it up into many videos.

Facebook Brand Collabs Manager

Facebook’s free tool enables businesses to communicate with pre-approved content producers on Facebook and Instagram.

Influencer marketing platforms

Interested in establishing direct contact with influencers through an influencer marketing platform? The best ones are as follows:

  • AspireIQ 
  • \Upfluence 
  • \sHeepsy

Utilise Hootsuite to simplify influencer marketing. Plan your articles, find and interact with industry influencers, and evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising initiatives. Don’t hesitate to give it a try right now for free.

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