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Internet Forum Quora | Chat Room

Internet Forum Quora | Chat Room

A website’s discussion forum is known as an Internet forum. Users of the website can start discussions and read and comment to other forum members’ posts. An Internet  forum can be focused on almost any topic, and forum users often build a sense of online community, or virtual community.


Members of the Quora Hub internet forum can comment to other members’ contributions.

This form of forum is also known as a message board, discussion group, bulletin board, or web forum. It differs from a blog, which is the name for a web log, in that a blog is normally maintained by one person and only allows for responses from others to the blog material. All members of a forum can usually post and initiate new threads.


A chat room is not the same as an Internet forum. A chat room’s users normally converse or communicate at the same time, whereas a discussion group’s members publish messages that are read by others whenever they log on. Forums are also more topic-specific than chat rooms.


Quora Hub is a social questions & Answers Engine which will help you establish your community and connect with other people, Questions Or Answers.


Chat Room

A chat room is a Web site, a section of a Web site, or a feature of an online service like America Online that allows individuals with a shared interest to speak in real time. In contrast, forums and discussion groups allow members to publish messages but do not support interactive messaging. Most chat rooms don’t require special software; those that do, like Internet Relay Chat (IRC), allow users to download it from the Internet.

Users of chat rooms create an account, select a username and password, then log into the room of their choice (most sites have multiple chat rooms). In most chat rooms, there is a list of users who are currently online, who are also notified when another person enters the chat room. Users write a message into a text box to chat. Other users respond almost instantly after seeing the message in the bigger communal message section. Lingering allows users to visit chat rooms and read messages without sending any.


Chat room features that lab study participants were asked to implement:


  1. On the chat room page, users should be allowed to customise their username (application does not need to support account management).


2.Messages should be able to be posted by users.


3.The message list should update without requiring a full page reload.


4.Each message should include the poster’s username as well as a timestamp.


  1. Only the latest 10 messages sent in the chat room should be visible when users initially access a page, and only the last 10 messages should be visible when the chat room refreshes.

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