Is gambling a sin in Christianity?

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no, I don’t think so I think making money  is  most worth in order to make us richer

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It all depends on how you see things and how you interpret them. The Bible does not specifically address gambling, and this omission creates fertile ground for debate and disagreement. Gambling is viewed in a variety of ways, ranging from moderate acceptance to complete abstinence.

Gambling is based on chance, while the Bible emphasizes God’s sovereignty. Gambling fosters a “something for nothing” attitude, whereas the Bible encourages us to work creatively and for the benefit of others. While the Bible condemns materialism, gambling encourages it.

Gambling necessitates the existence of winners and losers and fosters a desire to put oneself first at the expense of others. The Bible teaches us to care for the poor rather than supporting activities like gambling, which require a high level of skill to succeed. In the long run, all participants will be worse off.


Mind User Answered on March 1, 2022.
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