Keyword Match Types: Guide To Know How To Use Keywords

It is very important to use the right keywords in any content or ad campaign to get more traffic or conversion to our campaign. The keywords can either make or break your ad campaign, so make sure you choose the most appropriate one. To know how to use keywords and what type of keywords match types you can use, you need to read the blog ahead.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the words that a user types to search for any result over the internet. If these keywords are used in a proper way in your ad or content, it can help you to show your advertisements in the top positions in the search engine. You can use various keyword match types to get the best result for your ads.

What is Keyword Match Types?

Keyword match types are the keywords that help to boost your PPC or any ad campaign and show your ads to the specific user who searched for them. You can display your ads on Bing and Google and use Google or Bing keyword match types to get to your users. The Google keyword match types help you to tell google how desperately you want your keywords to match the user’s questions and requirements. There are three different types of keyword match types:
  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
These three match types can be used as Bing keyword match types and also as Google keyword match types on whichever search engine you want to display your ad.

AdWords Keyword Match Types

Adword is an advertising platform developed by Google to help businesses to promote their goods and services in the search engine. To promote a business, anyone can use Google AdWords match types to get traffic and gain popularity among the users. Anyone who is looking forward to promoting their business on Bing can use the Bing Ads match type. It works in the same way as Google AdWords to get users’ attention.

Display Keyword Match Types

Display keyword match types are the keywords that are used on the display ads. In this type of ad campaign, the advertisers show the display ads to the users based on their searches. Advertisers can present their display ad by using the Google display keywords in the Google display network on the basis of the user’s search. To show your display ads on Google, you can use AdWords display keywords or the search display keywords that would assist you in showing your display ads in the search result when a user makes a query. Another option to get the best result for your ads is the negative display keyword which would eliminate irrelevant search terms and help you target only those keywords that are relevant to your customers.

Different Types Of Keyword Match Types

The keyword match types help you to show the advertisement to your targeted audience and generate new leads for your business. We have discussed all the keyword match types below in detail.
  • Broad Match Type: The broad match type is a keyword match type that helps you to reach a wider audience and get more traffic to your ad or website.

It is known as broad as it helps your ad to match a large number of similar keyword searches over the internet. For instance, you sell shoes, but when you use a broad match keyword strategy, that might show your product to someone who is looking for slippers shoes. This is how a broad match works.

  • Phrase match type: Phrase match type is a more focused type of keyword than the broad match and less focused than the exact match. This means it lies somewhere in between. In this type of keyword match type, any additional word can be added, whether at the beginning or at the last of the key phrase.
  • Exact match type: Exact match shows the answer to the query when the question is exactly the same as the keyword. It has greater control over who sees your ad. You can reach the users who search the same keyword for which you have displayed your ad. Since the exact matched keyword will only show when searched with the same keyword, so it reaches the perfect targeted audience.

How to Use Keyword Match Types?

You need to use the right keyword match type in such a way that you can target only those users who are actually willing to buy the product or services which you are selling. By using exact and phrase match types in the right manner you can narrow your targeting audience.

Keyword Match Type Tool

Some of the keyword match type tools are as follows:
  • Google keyword planner: Google keyword planner is among one of the most popular keyword tools. You can use it as a beginner for advanced keyword research and competitor insight. You can get a free Google keyword planner with an active Google ad account. With this tool, you can enter your keyword in the search box and see its average monthly research. You can also check the competition on your keyword with the high, medium, and low words indicated in the chart. It becomes easier to get related keywords.
  • SEMrush: SEMrush is among other keyword research tools that help you to get the best keyword for your ad campaign. The free version of SEMrush helps you to get the keyword difficulty, volume, and CPC. It allows you to solve ten queries per day. SEMrush can be a good option for competitor analysis. You can definitely try SEMrush if you have a small or mid-size business.
  • Ahrefs: Ahrefs is an easy-to-use tool for searching for the right keyword for your ad campaign. It is the best option for advanced SEO and link building. Ahref does not provide any free version but a cheap seven-day trial. It started as a backlink building tool and has the largest backlink web around the globe.
  • Spyfu: Spyfu, as the name suggests, helps you to spy on your competitors. It is a wonderful tool for keyword analysis. With Spyfu, you get a number of strategy tools for your ad campaign as well as SEO. You get a complete analyzed keyword report with strong data from the past.

Benefits Of Using Different Keyword Match Types

Keyword match type has multiple benefits, but you just need to make sure to use it with the proper technique. Some of the benefits of using different keyword match types are described on the basis of their category:

Exact Match:

The exact match type gives you more control over who can see your ad. With an exact match type, you can have much control over your ad budget and get more Return On Investment (ROI) on your ad. You can also save money by targeting only those users who would click on your ad and are most probably willing to convert themselves into a buyer.

Phrase Match:

A phrase match is a good option if you do not want to miss any users and get more traffic to your ads from various types of users. In the phrase match, the keyword you focus on can match the meaning of the keyword that the user is searching for. It has more relevant traffic than the broad match.

Broad Match:

The broad match type provides you with more traffic. The audience you get may not search the same keyword that you have, but it may relate to your keyword.

Keyword Match Types Strategy

It is important to use your keywords with a well-planned strategy to get the best result for your ad campaign. Some of the strategies are given below that you can use while preparing for your keywords.
  • Keyword Planning and Research: Keyword research consists of analyzing and finding the right keyword that convinces the users to buy the goods and services that are being promoted. Always try to use long-tail keywords instead of short or one-word keywords. Work on those keywords that have more capability to generate leads
  • Target The Right Customer At The Right Time: It is essential to target the right customer at the right time to get the best result for your ad campaign. The information you collect on every interaction by your user on the ad helps you know what the customers are actually expecting.
  • Working On Bids: Always take care of what your competitor is bidding on. You may stay behind your competitor if he bids higher than you and leaving you with fewer chances to convert your ads into sales.
  • Target According To Geographical Location: You can also target the audience according to the geographical region and save some money by not showing your ads to unnecessary users.

Which Keyword Match Type is Best For Ads?

The phrase match type can be considered the best option for your ads. It will bring more relevant traffic to your ads. In this type of keyword match type, the result will be shown whenever the meaning of the query asked by the user matches the keyword that is used in your ad campaign. Phrase match type will help you to get better results for your ad campaign as it lies somewhere between the broad match type and the exact match type. With the phrase match, you will not be limited to a few users only who are searching for your keyword or showing your ad to all types of users like in the broad match type.

What are The Different Types Of Keyword Modifiers?

What are The Different Types Of Keyword Modifiers?
  • Broad Match Type: As we have already discussed in the blog above about the broad match type. It must be clear that the traffic you receive on your ad campaign will not be refined. And your ad will be shown to all types of users who are willing or not to see your ad on that similar searched keyword.
  • Modified Broad Match Type: A modified broad match type offers you more control over your search appearance. So you can use a certain word as mandatory for targeting your search. For instance, you want to target girl’s shoes as a broad match, and you want Google to stop on every result which includes shoes. You can do it by adding a + symbol in front of the word shoes. Now Google will show you all the results that include the word shoe.
  • Phrase Match Type: Phrase match is the most convenient form of match type. It would help the advertiser to show their advertisement to all those users who search for anything which is related to their ad.
  • Exact Match Type: Exact match is also a preferred form of keyword match type by the advertisers. Being an advertiser, you can save money on advertisements and show your ad to only those users who actually want to see it. The exact match type has the most relevant traffic for your ad.
  • Negative Match Type: The negative keywords match type helps an advertiser to hide their ads from those users who are searching queries that are not related to their ads. For instance, running shoes are the keyword for your ad campaign, and any user searching for sports shoes would not see your ad if the advertiser added it to the negative keyword list.

Proper Use Of Keyword Match Types

To use keyword match type in a proper way you need to use these symbols with the keywords. To use an exact match type you need to use the [ ] symbol around the keyword or phrase. For example [running shoes]. While using the phrase match the “ “ symbol should be used around the keyword. For example “running shoes”. In the broad match type, you need not use any symbol. For example, running shoes.

How To Get More Conversion By Using The Right Keyword Match Types?

You can get more conversion by optimizing your ad campaign based on the right keyword match type, such as phrase and exact match according to your keyword research. You can also use all the keyword match types at the same time to see which brings more conversion to your ad campaign. Whichever generates more leads can be the right one for you.

Choosing The Right Match Types For Your Keywords

If you are unable to choose the right keyword match type for your ad campaign. We would suggest you start your ad campaign with the broad match type. It will help you to reach a large audience at the early stages of the advertisement. Later you can choose the keyword by analyzing your search report and the number of users who were actually interested in your ad. Suppose the searches made by the users are not related to your advertisement. Then you can switch to the exact match type to target only those users who have actually searched for your ad. You can also save money on advertisements by choosing the exact match type. Phrase match type can be another option to choose as your keyword to get more mixed traffic from the users who want to see the same result you display or of similar meaning.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1 Can I Have The Same Keyword In Different Match Types?

Yes, you can use the same keyword in the different match types, as each match type has its own purpose in order to not lose any points on your users.

Q2 What Are Keyword Match Types In PPC?

The three different keyword match types in PPC are broad match, phrase match, and exact match.

Q3 What Keyword Match Types Cost The Most?

The broad match type may cost you more than the other match types as a large number of users may not be interested in the ad but still click on them, which would increase the cost per click on your ad.

Q4 Which Keyword Match Types Are Better?

The phrase and exact keyword match are better than other keyword match types as you can save money and get refined traffic on your ads.

Q5 How To Use Keyword Match Types?

To use keyword match types, you need to do a complete analysis and prepare a report by using all the keyword match types on your ad campaign. The keyword match type that gives you more results on your ad can be the best option for the future ad campaign.

Q6 Do Keyword Match Types Matter For Video And Display Campaigns?

Yes, keyword match types matter a lot in video and display campaigns because you have to be selective while running your ad campaign. You can use a negative keyword match type, especially if you are preparing for a video and display campaign to get the targeted customers who want to buy or purchase any deal or product.

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