LATICRETE HYDRO BAN® Shower Pan Kit | Tileprodepot

LATICRETE HYDRO BAN® Shower Pan Kit | Tileprodepot

The HYDRO BAN ® Shower Pan Kit provides a cost effective result for waterproofing shower operations. The shower installation tackle includes all the crucial factors for a leakproof shower. Available in multiple sizes, and point sizable, it fits nearly any operation where apre-sloped shower is needed – artificial, marketable and domestic bathrooms, as well as stalled gang showers and pet showers.

The HYDRO BAN ® Shower Pan Kit works in confluence with LATICRETE ® pipe and gravestone installation accoutrements, including a variety of bonds, grouts and caulks.


The Shower Pan Kit comes packaged with the following accessories Data Distance, Shower Pan, Curbs to fit the longest side of visage, Adhesive and Sealant (10.3 FL. OZ. cartridge), Distance Membrane for walls, Distance Membrane for visage, Sealing Vid for installation, 4 Inside Corners, 2 Outside Corners, 1 Pipe Seal and 1 Mixing Stopcock Seal. * HYDRO BAN Relating Flange and polymer fortified thin- set are Vended Independently.


Backed by a continuance system bond, LATICRETE shower systems give everything demanded for a leakproof shower installation.

For more information or to buy LATICRETE HYDRO BAN® Shower Pan Kit online click here.

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