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Before the Internet?  Can you even remember that time?

In 1993, I was fortunate enough to land my first solid job, and we didn’t even have internet access at work at the time. In fact, until I needed to find a new job after leaving New Orleans in 2001, I didn’t even have my own computer at home. Work computers were solely utilised for early spreadsheets and to operate DOS-programmed instruments. Then, in the mid-1990s, the corporation began to pipe the internet directly to our computers!

Old Chat Rooms From The 90s | Black Hat World

The R+D facility’s atmosphere was very lax back then, so you can imagine the early abuses of this new instrument. You might have access to all kinds of improper and unprofessional material right on your desk. Because I was attending classes during normal working hours in order to get my chemistry degree on the business expense, my employment sometimes went late into the evening.


Nobody appeared to bother how you passed the time as long as you got your work done, which frequently entailed setting up chemical reactions that would run for hours while you babysat them and perhaps adjusted the temperature or took some samples in the interim. So long as you were in the room ensuring no heated responses were really hitting the ceiling, I’m assuming there was plenty of downtime!


My First 90’s Chat Rooms

This must have been about 1996 for our organisation, and one day I came across these strange chat rooms that I can’t recall the name of. It wasn’t one of the popular AOL ones at the time, as far as I know. It seemed like such a unique concept to me at the time, and I was bored at work, so… Rudy the Rabbit was the moniker I gave myself (from the runner kid played by Chris Makepeace in the summer camp movie Meatballs). 

Someone must have reacted after I entered something foolish in the entry area! I quickly found myself conversing with people from all across the country, and even those from foreign countries, in a public forum. When compared to what was available on FM radio (remember that?) or anything as simple as reading a book to pass the time, this was pure enjoyment.

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The evolution of the old chat rooms from the 90s

It reminded me of a touch of blogging, in which if you’re good at it, you can connect with your audience and create some friends. It still amazes me that someone could achieve that with only a few characters on a screen.

“So, what?” you might be asking yourself. I’ve always thought it’d make a good series of novels or maybe a movie script if the main character messed up his family life by…

I’m getting sucked into this internet world and all of the possibilities. Retro films, such as the Jonah Hill film about the skate kids or even the early days of Silicon Valley, appear to be popular with the general population. What are your thoughts? Would anyone be interested in reading or seeing a tale like that? Did you ever participate in one of these activities in your teens and meet up with someone or someones from the early days of the internet? Was there any good or bad that came out of it? I looked at the whole thing as an investment: there was no profit without taking a chance and putting yourself out there.


Old Chat Rooms From The 90s We Used To Love

We presented our mother for picking up the phone (and dropping our dial-up connection) while our download was at 99 percent in the 1990s, when we watched pals, downloaded absolutely legal music from Napster, and cursed our mother for picking up the phone (and disconnecting our dial-up connection).

We had the genuine deal back in the days before Slack, Whatsapp, and iMessage:


ICQ (Or 1997’s OkCupid)

Take a look at that user interface! ICQ allows you to search for individuals online by area, age group, and gender, in addition to talking with your classmates. It was the ideal instrument for a kid looking for both virtual and real-world love. Do you recall the UH-OH! sound?

Netmeeting (Early Chatroulette)

Webcams were expensive and clunky back in the day and netmeeting was one of the few video chatting apps out there. It was fun to randomly chat with strangers around the world, until well everyone just decided to get naked.


MSN Messenger


Microsoft’s instant chat programmes were on a roll. MSN swiftly ate into ICQ’s user base, and by the early 2000s, it had overtaken it globally.

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

Did you realise that AOL continues to profit handsomely from dial-up internet users? Talk about users with a lengthy tail. They also used to offer a very popular Instant Messaging app (I’m not sure whether anyone still uses it?).\


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