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What are Online Forum Sites ?

A website that allows users to exchange information about a specific topic via the internet. It allows for questions and replies and may be monitored to ensure that the material is suitable. An Online forum, often known as a “conversation board” or “discussion group,” is similar to an Internet newsgroup (see below), except it is accessed using a Web browser. 

Text-only forums were widespread on bulletin boards and commercial online services before the Internet. Online forums, on the other hand, feature all of the extras that people anticipate from the Internet, such as photographs, videos, downloads, and connections, and may occasionally act as a mini-portal on the subject.

Online Forums Sites can be completely anonymous or need username and password registration. Messages can be viewed in chronological order or in question-answer order, with all connected responses appearing beneath the query (see message thread).


Chat Rooms vs. Forums/Newsgroups


Usenet “newsgroups,” the first Internet discussion groups, are similar to forums in that both systems retain messages available for a length of time. Users can go back in time and do not need to be logged in at the time of posting. Chat rooms, on the other hand, are interactive, real-time sessions that need users to be present to read. Check out the newsgroup and the chat room.


Turn a Site into a Online Forum


For the Web, there is a wide range of Online forum creation software, most of which is written in Java, PHP, Perl, or ASP. The programme may be used to construct standalone discussion forums or to add a discussion area to any Web page. See Google Groups and the Black Hat World community for further information.


Difference between Online forum and chat

A discussion group differs from a chat room in that members of a discussion group publish messages that are seen by other users each time they check in, whereas participants of a chat room interact at the same time. Furthermore, unlike chat rooms,  Online forums are generally more concentrated on a certain issue.

How a Online forum works

In most cases, prospective members must first register before joining a group and sending a message. This user must adhere to particular netiquette guidelines, such as treating other users with respect and abstaining from using profanity. When a member is accepted by an administrator or moderator, they are generally given the option of choosing their own username and password. Each message generally includes an avatar, photograph, or graphic given by the member next to the username.


Threads are separate talks in an Online forum that are made up of messages posted by participants. Users may usually modify their own messages, start new discussions, and change their profile. A basic profile shows optional information about each forum user, such as their city of residence and their hobbies.

The discussions can also be participated in by the forum administrator or moderator. An administrator has the ability to edit topics, as well as move or remove them if required. It is normally their responsibility to monitor and manage debates to ensure that the Online forum’s rules are followed.


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