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Chat Rooms allow users to communicate in real time. Chat rooms contain no formal membership requirements, and members have no contact with one another.

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Chat Rooms allow users to communicate in real time. Chat rooms contain no formal membership requirements, and members have no contact with one another. When a chat room user leaves the chat room, he or she does not receive any push messages from the chat room and departs the chat room automatically after 5 minutes. Chat rooms are extensively used in live broadcast use cases, such as Twitch stream chat.

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Roles and privileges in chat rooms 

The following roles and privileges are available in chat rooms:

  • Chat room members: Regular users who may send and receive chat room messages.
  • Admins of chat rooms: They are chosen by the owner of the chat group. They have administrative capabilities in addition to the ability to send and receive chat room messages. Each chat room can have up to 99 administrators.
  • The proprietor of the chat room. Chat room owners have the most powers, which include designating the chat room admin, disbanding the chat room, changing the chat room characteristics, and controlling other chat room users.

Differences between chat group and chat room​

Both chat groups and chat rooms enable multi-user instant communications. The primary distinction is whether or not members have a solid connection. Chat group participants prefer to stay for an extended period of time, whereas chat room members come and go as they choose.

Chat room features​

The Chat SDK allows for the creation and management of chat rooms, as well as the management of chat room users and the modification of chat room properties.

  • Ticket creation and management. This allows shoppers to submit a request after business hours. Ideally, it includes auto follow-ups to remind shoppers you are waiting for their reply.
  • Support and agent ratings to identify areas needing improvement.
  • Visitor tracking. By seeing the pages the shopper is on or has visited, merchants can better understand the request.
  • Analytics integration so you can see which sales were assisted by chat.
  • Chat tags and keywords to help you find common issues and questions.
  • Mobile dashboard or app, to monitor chats while on-the-go.
  • Visitor banning, to minimise “trolls” from taking up your time.
  • Translation features. Google Translate, which is free, can be helpful.
  • Transcript emails.
  • Long-term logging to extend consumers’ shopping journey.
  • Chat log and data exporting.
  • Chat transfers among agents. This eliminates the need for the shopper to repeat herself.
  • Emoji support.
  • File upload support to help shoppers describe what they need.

Create a chat room​

A chat room may be created only by the chat room super admin, and the person who creates the chat room becomes the chat room owner. Depending on the payment plan, the maximum number of chat room participants supported varies. For further information, see Chat Room Limitations.

Join and leave a chat room​

All chat participants are free to enter and exit the chat rooms.

Live chat was formerly considered an add-on that made contact simpler for consumers and businesses, but it is now a standard feature for the majority of online companies. This is due to the fact that long phone lines and delayed email response times frequently move customers elsewhere.

Phone, email, and web help are still crucial for building trust. However, the existence of live chat outperforms all of them — even if shoppers do not utilise it. When compared to other modes of contact, 92 percent of customers choose live chat. Around 80% prefer to communicate through social media.

How it works: Events have rooms.

We’re starting to roll out the option to label a Facebook Event as a “Online Event” to enable people to connect more simply and correctly.

We’re also integrating our new Rooms feature to let customers participate more fully when they attend an Online Event. This enables users to invite friends, family, students, and coworkers to hang out with anybody from anywhere using video chat connections that are simple to distribute and join.

Rooms will only be accessible for Private Online Events, and they will be limited to 50 individuals.

Messenger Rooms in Groups and Events may be accessed through iOS, Android, and PC.

Return of the Live With

People are using Facebook Live to attend exercise courses, cooking workshops, religious sessions, and other events. We heard from our community that the opportunity to co-broadcast with another person in their Facebook Live broadcasts would be especially valuable at this time, so we are bringing back Live With and will offer more features in the coming weeks to make the experience more interactive. Live With allows you to invite another person to join your Facebook Live broadcast from anywhere in the globe. Invite a guest speaker, do an expert interview, or perform with a buddy. You may use this feature before or during your broadcast by hitting the red “LIVE” button at the top left of your screen and choosing the person you want to invite.

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