Popular Online Forums – Most Visited, Interesting Internet Communities

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Top 10 Biggest Forums On The Internet And What They Earn

Popular Online Forums – Most Visited, Interesting Internet Communities

What is the most popular forum on the internet?

Those with the most users and/or posts are the most popular. Which online forums are the most fascinating?

Today’s online forums have developed into a fantastic medium for the debate of relevant topics and the sharing of ideas that has benefited both participants and observers.

A wide range of interests are addressed in the thread-style talks or chats. The topics of interest covered include a number of other fields as well as technology, medicine, politics, and healthcare.

Whatever the topic of discussion, the important thing to remember is that this activity has been made possible by internet forums. This is why we shine our searchlight on the top 10 online forums of the present.



The WarriorForum is an online forum where a variety of topics related to self-improvement and growth are discussed. It has a community of users that has surpassed 200,000 and is still expanding. All of the talks are focused on offering helpful advice and suggestions to the group’s members.

Built on a wide range of trusted, high-quality, multidisciplinary research and expert literature, WarriorForum Community helps find answers to world most important questions. Whether you are a teacher, student, librarian or researcher, WarriorForum Community will help you build a solid knowledge base, stay on top of your field and gain in-depth information on top topics and take your next steps in discovering.

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2.Gaia Online

With over 23 million registered users, this online community is undoubtedly the biggest one at the moment. The topic or area of discussion may be a subject of much discussion. Well, the primary topic here is primarily focused on video games and anime.

Additionally, it can be shown that the majority of the forum users are in their teens by following the topic thread.

This online community has become a gathering place for gamers and nerds and has gained popularity over time. The Gaia online forum has developed creative strategies to keep its user population returning to the website by integrating flash games and other freebies.


This Canadian website boasts a large, diverse international user base that is primarily made up of teenagers. Teen issues, domestic issues, and conversations about homework/assignments are the main talking points.

4.Something Awful

Even the name paints a dismal picture. But what exactly about this internet forum is so terrible? Surprising! It’s a humour website. Some users claim that the only bad thing about this online community is that it costs $10 to join. Even so, the cost has been beneficial because it has only attracted honest people.By charging a $10 joining fee, those who have no interest in participating in the topic are prevented from posting obnoxious adverts in discussion threads. The users of this online community have never been short on fantastically funny material, which is a consistent feature. Something Awful is becoming one of the top 10 online forums thanks to its originality and vibrant member base.

  • BuddyPic

Members of this fantastic online community discuss topics pertaining to how gorgeous or unappealing they are. How will they be able to tell? by adding their own photos, which is a prerequisite for starting a debate.

However, activity on this online forum is not limited to just talking about whether or not one is attractive, but also about more general problems. However, the main topic of conversation on this online community is whether or not the photographs are lovely or attractive.

  • 4Chan

The 4Chan online forum is a very active platform with a very active community of users that go as far as tracking anonymous individuals who perpetrate crimes like animal abuse and some other not too impressive causes like directing hate speech at people they dislike and similar acts. It has a staggering 569,080,806 posts made and is still growing.

The 4Chan online forum has around 70,000 users at any given time.

  • FacetheJury

Due to its extremely active user base, this online forum, which sparks ideas about justice, was listed among the top 10. However, as the post is anything but motivational, there is nothing about justice here.

There is no censorship here, thus both comments with pleasant sentiments and those that are quite offensive can be found (which are in such supply).

  • Self-Starters Weekly Tips

A close-knit community of users participates in this blogging forum where Lynn Terry, the forum’s administrator, individually responds to each user’s question.

The choice to include it among the top 10 online forums was made based on how well it engages its users, resulting in the development of an intriguing online community where members offer advice on blogging-related problems and assist one another.

  • Offtopic

There are no restrictions on the kind of debate that can be had, as the name would imply. Almost any subject of interest can be brought up for discussion. The topics covered are divided into many categories, with subscribers having access to all of the content.

Certain parts of this online forum can be used by free members, though.

  • Wicked Fire

Even the name is unfriendly. However, both affiliate marketers and those who are interested in becoming affiliate marketers are represented in this online community. This online forum, which has more than 50,000 registered users and more than 700,000 posts, is a fantastic gathering place for the discussion of topics of interest that are advantageous to its users.

The top 10 internet forums are listed there. While the majority of these forums are for the discussion of issues of general interest, some of them are niche-specific. These provide a fantastic platform for the sharing of helpful ideas and guidance for the benefit of users.

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