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Quora Internet forum | Chat Room

An Internet forum, often known as a message board, is a website where users can have online discussions through posted messages. Unlike chat rooms, they save messages at least temporarily. A posted message may also need to be approved by a moderator before it becomes public, depending on the user’s access level or the forum setup. A single chat, for example, is referred to as a “thread” in a forum.


The structure of an Internet forum is hierarchical or tree-like: a forum can have numerous subforums, each of which can have several subjects. Each new debate begun within a forum’s topic is referred to as a thread, and it can be replied to by as many individuals as desired. Users can be anonymous or must register with the site and then log in in order to post messages, depending on the forum’s settings. Users do not need to log in to read existing postings on most boards.


Is Quora Hub Considered A internet Forum?


Quora Hub  is classified as an internet forum. It allows users to pose questions, have others answer them, upvote responses, leave comments, and more. Other forum kinds include general conversation, support, sales, content discovery, knowledge base, and so on.


Quora Hub is a service that allows individuals to exchange information online about a specific topic. It allows for questions and replies and may be monitored to ensure that the material is appropriate. An Internet forum, often known as a “conversation board” or “discussion group,” is similar to an Internet newsgroup (see below), but it is accessed through a Web browser. Text-only forums were widespread on bulletin boards and commercial online services before the Internet. Internet forums, on the other hand, feature all of the extras that people anticipate from the Internet, such as photographs, videos, downloads, and connections, and can occasionally act as a mini-portal on the subject.

What is a chatroom?


A chat room is a website, a section of a website, or a feature of an online service like Quora that allows users with a shared interest to talk in real time. In contrast, forums and discussion groups allow members to publish messages but do not support interactive messaging. Most chat rooms don’t require special software; those that do, like Internet Relay Chat (IRC), allow users to download it from the Internet.


Quora Hub is a social question and answer engine that may help you build a community and interact with others, whether you’re looking for questions or answers.



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