Tell me the best alternatives of Quora ?

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Ten Best Quora Alternatives 2022-2023

As we know, most of us prefer to visit when we have a question in mind. Competitors attempt to beat its level because this free discussion forum provides quality information.

Even if you do not find questions that are comparable to yours, you can still post a question in Quora and wait for a response. It is one of the best ways to get known for providing answers to questions and helping other people. So, here are the ten best Quora alternatives in the 2022-2023 list.

Best alternatives for Quora:

Still, some individuals are not comfortable using this discussion forum (Quora) due to the site’s layout & absence of obtainability of a user guide. There are a few alternatives to Quora that all of us may use.

RE: Tell me the best alternatives of Quora ?

Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is a network of question-and-answer sites covering a variety of topics, such as; dating, business, education, health, gambling, technology, movie, etc. With the help of the WarriorForum community, you may get the help to find answers to the world’s most crucial questions. 

WarriorForum is the most informative online forum to discuss any topic globally. You must register for an account and make a profile before you can ask or answer a question.

After that, you can participate in helping others and vote on other members’ responses.


By sharing everything from questions to stories, Quorahub gives you a chance to increase your knowledge. Here, creators create millions of audiences renowned for their original ideas or hundreds of viewers for niche knowledge not available anywhere else.

Here you may find various categories such as health, business, education, entertainment, game, lifestyle, news, and travel. 

You may use this online chat room to spread your knowledge everywhere or get satisfactory answers to your questions as millions of individuals search for the answers here, and many of them are available to answer your questions. 

Quorahub helps people of all age groups study, learn, & connect in a welcoming & safe discussion forum or community. You may add images with your question to make it stand out and get answers faster than others.

Just Answer

Although Quora’s voting method is based on confidence votes, it is not always certain that the answers are accurate and come from genuine experts. You can get answers from experts on Just Answer, including lawyers, computer specialists, doctors, mechanics, and home maintenance professionals. To support the query, you can write up your entire account and include every relevant detail. A professional is always on hand to evaluate your circumstance and provide you with the guidance they advise.

But this discussion forum is not free. If the response completely satisfies you, you might have to pay the needed amount. You get to decide whether the expert’s answer is sufficient to warrant receiving payment because this compensation method is based on an honor system.


Answerbag has an amusing & quirky-looking question-and-answer site that features like the layout. There isn’t much information available regarding the analytics of this website other than the fact that it is owned by Wired Ivy.

Answerbag was once the second-largest social question & answer site next to Yahoo! Answers. 

The website focuses on asking questions rather than responding to questions already available on the site. 


The name of the question-and-answer website Fluther was inspired by a group of jellyfish.

This online forum has four major categories: meta, general, just for you, & social. Fluther ensures you receive answers from a genuine person rather than ambiguous ones from any platform. Once you ask on the discussion forum platform, it directs your query (questions) to people they know that may help you with appropriate answers.

There are 2 sections on the homepage: social and general. If you want to use this online discussion forum, you may use it. The Fluther’s site receives 194.3k visits monthly.


ASKfm is a social media site where users may register and ask other users questions. This online forum has more than 215 million members and was founded in June 2010.

Users can create a poll, ask friends directly, or ask people anonymously to gather alternative viewpoints. With the help of gamification, this lively and entertaining Q&A platform keeps users interested or engaged by awarding reputation points.

The AnswerBank

AnswerBank is a Q and A platform based in the United Kingdom. There is a large selection of categories to browse and post questions. There are numerous categories in which you can look through and post queries.

You can participate in sections where people need help with tests, puzzles, and crosswords. This is an active discussion forum with Q&A posted daily. 


StackExchange is one of the top online chat rooms where you may see various questions and answers on many topics, including sports, coffee, photography, and programming (Stack Overflow).

In 2021, there were 3.2 million queries asked across the entire network of websites, which got an average of 431.8 million monthly views. paid $1.8 billion to acquire the company in June 2021. is one of the best online forums, formally known as WikiAnswers. It is a Q and A community site directed toward assisting students & their studies. Tens of millions of user-generated queries and answers have been posted on this online forum since 2021, with more than 3.5 million users globally.

It’s difficult to predict how beneficial the site would be as a channel for marketing your company or business. However, there is a finance and business category with active users, which could assist you in becoming an authority in your relevant niche with a good plan or strategy.

Ask Ubuntu

Ask Ubuntu is one of the popular chat forums in 2022-2023. Here you may sign up or post answers as a user or guest. You have to create an account to ask any queries. 

This discussion forum has 1.3 million users, and 385,000 questions have been asked on Ask Ubuntu. From this, you may guess how valuable this platform will be. 


All of the above-mentioned discussion forums are alternatives to Quora, which will be very beneficial in 2022-2023. Many people use them and get a better experience with those platforms. If you want a platform different from Quora and can provide you with additional features, then you may definitely try any of them. We highly recommend WarriorForum and Quorahub, as we listed them in the top 2 best Quora alternatives

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