The Beverage Market Thrives the Development of Filling Equipment

With the post-90s generation gradually becoming the mainstream consumer group in the market, China’s food and beverage industry has entered a period of continuous innovation by the consumer side. The era of upgraded consumption is coming. The types of food and beverage on the market are constantly enriched, which not only promotes the development of the food and beverage market but also brings new opportunities to the¬†liquid filling equipment¬†market. Since modern scientific and technological progress invented the liquid filling machine, the liquid filling has embarked on the road of gradual automation. The initial liquid filling machine occupies a very large area, which is not only inconvenient for installation but also complicated for subsequent cleaning and maintenance. Besides, many operators are required to participate in the work, and the investment cost is very high, which many small-scale production enterprises can’t afford.

In recent years, China’s economy has been continuously transformed and upgraded. The national consumption power has been improved, and the market demand for food and beverage has grown steadily. The 13th Five-Year Plan proposed that by 2020, the gross domestic product and the per capita income of urban and rural residents will double that of 2010. With the further improvement of national purchasing power and the expansion of market demand, enterprises need more efficient liquid filling equipment. What is the development trend of the liquid filling equipment market in the future? With the development of the economy, the social demand for food and beverage is increasing. This requires the production enterprises to have higher production efficiency and urges people to innovate the liquid filling equipment, so the liquid filling machine has made a qualitative leap. Nowadays, the new liquid filling machine greatly reduces the floor space, which is convenient to install, and also reduces the requirements for the production environment. The new liquid filling machine basically adopts intelligent operation. The degree of automation has been greatly improved, and the performance has become more stable. In addition, due to the reduction of equipment manufacturing cost, the equipment investment cost has also been greatly reduced, which enables some small-scale manufacturing enterprises to adopt liquid filling machines.

Generally speaking, China’s current liquid filling equipment market is developing at a high speed, and many liquid filling equipment manufacturers have emerged in the industry. This makes the whole industry flourish. At the same time, it also makes the industry competition more and more fierce. How can we stand out from the market competition? This requires enterprises to firmly grasp the vane of the food and beverage production market and never stop on the road of innovation. In today’s beverage market, we can see more and more “small drinks” appearing. Small cans of cola, small cans of coffee, etc. are all popular drinks in the market. “Small drinks” have become the new trend of the beverage market. When these “small drinks” are produced, it is necessary for the liquid filling equipment to have a more accurate filling capacity. With the increasing variety of beverages, the functional requirements for liquid filling equipment become higher, and the multifunctional liquid filling machine will become. It is the development trend of liquid filling equipment in the future. For beverage manufacturers, it is also very important to save raw materials and reduce costs. Therefore, less raw material consumption, lower investment cost and smaller volume are also the development directions of liquid filling equipment in the future.

Although the liquid filling equipment industry in China is developing very rapidly at present, compared with the foreign liquid filling equipment industry, China’s liquid body filling equipment lacks high-end products, and its innovation ability is not high. If liquid filling equipment manufacturers want to enhance their market competitiveness, they must first enhance their innovation ability, research and develop high-end liquid filling equipment, and introduce more efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly liquid filling machines to meet market demand.

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