What is a migraine?

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There are many kinds of pain, and migraine pain is one of them. And this pain in your headache is worse during weather changes, and The brain produces an outsize reaction to the trigger and its electrical system. And on behalf of it, the brain has so many painful sensations and creates a migraine situation.


Some of the ways responsible for migraine pain and its cure are-


Light and sound make the migraine pain worse. Relax in a dark room or silent room. Sleep if possible. Try temperature therapy. You can apply cold compresses to the head or neck region. Abnormal brain activity can also create problems; it can temporarily affect nerve signals, blood vessels, and chemicals in the brain.


There are three significant types of migraine they are-  

  • The classic migraine, or migraine with aura      
  • The typical migraine; or the migraine without aura, and the last one is
  • Menstrual migraine


However, this problem can not be cured entirely, but it can be suppressed by following a good and healthy lifestyle. One can take a nap, have a proper sleep schedule, and wake up, do exercise and yoga, and the most important is to meditate to calm your mind. All these small but manageable and proper habits can change your life; you will feel free from that chronic pain.

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