What Is The Importance of Discussion Forums for Online Learning ?

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The Importance of Discussion Forums for Online Learning | Warrior Forum

Online learning may benefit greatly from discussion. It can increase peer connection, promote a feeling of community, and raise student involvement. The opportunity for learners to deepen and clarify their grasp of essential concepts is provided by discussion Forum, which can take the form of debate or reflective sharing. In addition to allowing the student to actively interact with their friends and teacher, it goes beyond more passive learning methods like reading, listening, and watching.

Importance of Discussion Forums for Online Learning

Why should you use discussion in your online learning?

By its very nature, online learning involves students and teachers engaging remotely in both space and time. Online learning may feel inadequate in comparison to in-person instruction without the advantages of being in the same physical location at the same time. Not to mention that online educators must deal with more than just physical and chronological distances. 

In addition to physical and temporal barriers, there may also be psychological, communicative, emotional, political, and social barriers present at any one time.

The psychological and communicational distance that may develop in any educational situation, including the aforementioned categories of distance2, is referred to as transactional distance (Moore, 1997). 

Transactional distance may exist, but that does not preclude online learning from being a rich, interesting, and worthwhile learning experience. But it does imply that the structure of online learning has to be carefully considered.

Discussion Forum can lessen transactional distance when combined with other learning styles. Teachers can provide a sense of teacher presence to their course by engaging with students in discussion forums. This adds value to the discussion boards and reassures pupils that someone is there. The transactional distance between the learner and the teacher is also lowered during discussions.

You may use a variety of techniques to establish instructor presence when participating in the discussion forums:

    • Individual answers to learner comments and/or postings;
      • Introductory messages that outline the course’s requirements; (depending on cohort size)
    • General commentary based on recurring concepts and themes in student replies (ideal for larger cohorts – can be pinned to top of forum)
    • An audio, video, or text response to a cohort’s frequently asked questions

How should you manage discussion forums?

It’s critical to have a strategy in place and to inform them of your expectations right away. Although you don’t have to be available at all times, it’s crucial to let students know how frequently you will be participating in discussion forums. This will also make it easier for you to balance moderating with your other teaching duties.

Know the expectations for discussion board behaviour. Think about the following:

    • Be succinct.
    • Continue the discussion.
    • Address the issues brought up in their posts.
    • In your posts, be sure to include course concepts.
    • Be thoughtful, courteous, and motivating.
    • Speak in a suitable manner.
    • Take into account each discussion forum’s goal.

Keep in mind that you are not required to reply to each and every post if doing so will defeat the purpose of the particular discussion topic. Criticism that is brief, clear, and generic may be just as instructive for students as feedback that is personalised.

Where can you learn more?

The University’s Information Services homepage has a link to the Top Ten Tips for Using Learn Discussion Boards. More than 5000 courses are supported annually through Learn, the university’s largest Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is utilised to facilitate blended learning, entirely online courses, and face-to-face instruction.

For moderating discussion boards, you can also access instructional materials and a thorough technical support guide under Learn. These are available under “Course materials” on the page for moderating discussion forums.

Online groups abound, and there is an infinite variety of conversational subjects.

Technology-focused forums are the most widely utilised. Game sites and home/hobby websites that cover subjects like cooking and photography are two more well-known forum sites. You may ask questions, acquire information, and share your own tales on the five greatest chat and forum sites that we have hand-picked.

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