Why every blogger need an online forum ?

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3 Reasons Every Blogger Needs an Online Forum | Some Pair Of Suggestion are Below

What is an Online Forum ?

Online forums are areas of the internet designed and dedicated to discourse, often through the posting of questions, answers, and responses. Online forums frequently do not take place in real time. A forum may hold an interesting conversation that lasts for days, months, or even years by keeping track of previous comments and organising entries (either in the order of posting or by popularity).

Some internet communities are established around a particular subject of interest, ranging from raging political discussions to organic gardening advice. Some communities are created around a particular product, such as the group of bookkeepers who share tips and tricks for using the accounting program Quick books.

Why every blogger need an online forum

Whatever the subject, a successful online forum requires participants who will return frequently and contribute, investing their time and effort in maintaining the dialogue.

A website’s section devoted to other topics may include an online forum. This frequently occurs in forums for well-known goods and services. For instance, the Adobe website is technically focused on its sales and goods. However, due to the complexity of these goods, there is an online forum where both paid staff and devoted customers volunteer to answer queries.

After quitting the magazine industry a few months ago, I decided to start writing on my own. I knew I needed two venues to get started: a blog and a forum. My prior blog post for the magazine taught me how well the two platforms compliment one another.

I believe that all bloggers ought to think about the advantages of connecting their blogs to forums. 

Here are three benefits I’ve discovered:

1. A forum is a place where ideas flourish. 

Knowing what people are talking about will help you create engaging material, respond to their inquiries, and otherwise be of value to your readers. Observing the discussion on a forum might inspire blog article ideas.

For instance, I made the decision to start interviewing agents for my blog after realising from reading my forum conversations how important obtaining an agency was. My forum members find the blog to be a useful connection, and the forum in turn offers the blog a built-in audience.

2. A forum encourages collective discussion.

 Most blogs do, in fact, accept comments. However, remarks are more of a response to a monologue than a dialogue. The informational flow of a blog is managed by the blogger. An online discussion forum is a far better setting for interactions to take place, and here is where community development really blossoms.

3. The best place to locate guest posters is on a forum.

 This is the ideal place to locate folks to guest post on your site that have interesting ideas and engaging writing styles.

Almost from the beginning of my blog, I’ve received guest postings from users of my forum. One forum user wrote in a topic about being taken advantage of by a dodgy self-publishing business. I requested a guest post from this author since I thought it would make for excellent blog material, and he seems delighted to oblige.

The National Novel Writing Month, or NanoWriMo, is a recent event in which I invited a number of online forum users to write guest articles because I wasn’t taking part myself. Particularly positive feedback and comments were left on these guest pieces. First-person narratives, in my opinion, are always superior to third-person writing for blog postings.

There are various platforms available for building your own online forum, including open source software like phpBB. Because I enjoy the interface and it provides a subscription-based forum service that I’m intending to utilise for lectures and workshops, I choose to go with VBulletin, which costs $180 to purchase entirely.

Now, I’m not going to claim that creating and maintaining an online discussion forum is simple. In fact, if it seems like too much work, you could be better off visiting a well-managed forum that deals with your topic. A decent forum needs maintenance virtually every day.

However, if you’re a blogger who wants to expand your audience, you won’t want to go without a forum again once you get one.

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