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Online counselling has grown in popularity over the last few years. Studies have proven that it is just as effective as in-person counselling and is typically considerably less expensive.

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Online counselling has grown in popularity over the last few years. Studies have proven that it is just as effective as in-person counselling and is typically considerably less expensive. However, for many people, internet counselling does not fit within their already limited finances.

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Many online counselling providers charge a subscription fee in addition to the cost of therapy sessions. While internet counselling is still less expensive (in general) than face-to-face therapy, these expenditures can mount up. Well-known services that are touted as economical are yet prohibitively expensive for many individuals.

Many services entice you with the promise of free internet treatment but fail to deliver. Part of the reason for this is because we all wish there were free therapeutic choices available online, but they don’t. However, some online counselling organisations do provide free trials, while others offer low-cost online treatment. Not only that, but there are free internet resources that, although not strictly “therapy,” may give essential mental health assistance. We’ll also teach you about the multitude of resources available online to help you locate the care you need, seek financial aid, and help yourself through practically any mental health condition.

Finding free and low-cost mental health care takes some investigation, but we’ve done the effort for you in this guide.

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Does free online therapy exist long-term?

Is it possible to receive continuing and high-quality free internet therapy? No, it does not. You may sample internet counselling for free before you pay for it. There are also free mental health services available online, such as coaching, peer counselling, apps, support groups, and other resources. These, however, are not the same as therapy, and we want to help you understand the distinctions between your free and paid alternatives.

As beneficial as other forms of mental health care are, there is no alternative for a long-term, meaningful connection with a therapist. This connection is undoubtedly possible online, but it will cost you some money.

Types of free online mental health services

While free internet counselling is only available in limited quantities, there are free mental health services available on a variety of platforms that can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Even if you can’t afford to see a therapist, you may use these free services to express your feelings, obtain perspective and direction, or work on goal planning.

Chat therapy

Texting or speaking with a provider via your phone or computer is what chat therapy entails. Chat therapy, unlike traditional therapy sessions, can be asynchronous, which means you may contact your provider and wait for a response. You might also participate in a live conversation. Chat therapy, in any case, comprises writing down your thoughts rather than talking about them.

Chat therapy is best utilised for support or mild difficulties. If you are feeling lonely or need to reach out to someone, you should consider chatting. Chat therapy, however, is not a substitute for talk therapy if you desire the sort of prolonged interaction with a therapist that is most helpful to significant mental health recovery.

Peer-to-peer counselling

Sometimes online mental health assistance does not come from a degreed professional. In certain circumstances, it might come from a peer who has had comparable experiences and can listen and provide assistance. In peer-to-peer therapy, you are paired with someone who can relate to your problem, is willing to listen, and can provide advice and recommendations or ask probing questions.

Free Online Therapy

What’s free: Free Online Therapy offers free peer-to-peer interaction with volunteers from their online community. When you sign up, you may choose to be a “listener” or a “venturer.” Listeners are people who listen to your problems and provide advice, whereas venters are individuals who require assistance. By working with BetterHelp, Free Online Therapy hopes to link you to individual and relationship counselling, including unlimited texting and one complete therapy session, in addition to peer-to-peer conversation.


What’s free: BlahTherapy provides free peer conversation with other site members. When utilising the chat function, you can sign up as a “venter” or a “listener.” Venters are there to vent and express their frustrations, while listeners provide assistance and advice. Chat is anonymous, and listeners are untrained.

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