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Crucial Points

  • The Warriorforum is an online discussion forum that offers the opportunity to ask questions and connect with people from every part of the world. Here, the users of this website can contribute unique insights and the best quality answers to the questions of other Warriorforum users.
  • You are held entirely responsible for all the content you have posted or will post on our website. We grant our online discussion forum “Warriorforum” users some specific rights and licenses to use it.
  • In addition, you have full rights to the content you have posted on our community, as you own it. So, ensure that the content you are posting does not violate the legal rights of another party.
  • You can repost any answer or a small portion of the post that has already been posted elsewhere on our online forum site, Warriorforum.
  • It also provides that you contribute such content back to the platform and comply with the rights of the original poster but do not use any automated tools to change the words or meaning of the content or post.
  • We never endorse or verify the content posted by other users or duplicate content. So our content and material are provided to you without any guarantees.
  • You are solely responsible for how you use our online discussion forum, Warriorforum. We do not say that posts from lawyers, doctors, teachers, and other professionals can substitute for professional advice for your particular situation or queries.
  • If we find any violated or offensive word repeatedly in your answers or questions posted by you. Then we have full rights to block your account and send you a legal notification from our community to your registered email address.
  • You must not try to defame or hurt the honor of any political personality or celebrity through your post or content. If your content is found related to these concerns, it will not get approval anymore and will be deleted immediately by our community.
  • If the content you post is found to be vulgar or with no meaning, even after repeated warnings. Your account gets banned from our community, and you will not be able to activate your account again from that registered email address.
  • On this online discussion forum Warriorforum, you must write your content by keeping a distance from offensive words, poorly written grammar, rhetorical sentences, and meaningless content. Only then will we be able to approve the content posted by you.
  • At this discussion forum, you cannot create or use any fake profile. If any aggressive or violent subject is seen in your profile or post, our community will automatically block your profile as soon as possible.
  • When you use the Warriorforum platform, you also agree to our Terms of use and accept our Acceptable Use Policy, Trademark Policy, and Copyright Policy. And you accept our Privacy Policy as well.
  • If you think someone is violating your intellectual property rights, laws, or Quora’s policies, you can use the tool we have offered you to give feedback and report complaints that you are facing. You can initiate a report in our Contact Us section.

We are delighted that you desire to join the online discussion forum Warriorforum, and we encourage you to go through the Terms of Use. By using our online platform, Warriorforum, you consent to the following terms:

  • Using our online discussion forum Warriorforum by anyone under 13 years is prohibited. If you agree to the terms of use on behalf of someone else, you confirm that you hold the legal authority to bind that entity to this Agreement.
  • Warriorforum offers you to add content in the form of posts, text, videos, photos, links, and other files and information concerning yourself to share with others. Use of content in other formats will not be accepted.
  • All materials you upload, publish or display to others, whether they are Warriorforum users or not, through this platform will be referred to as “Your content.” You acknowledge that as part of using the Warriorforum platform, your post may be viewed by the general public for other website users.

Permitted Uses:

If you operate any search engine bot, web crawler, scraping tool, bulk downloading tool, data mining tool, get utility, or similar data extraction tool. You may access the Warriorforum platform subject to the following additional regulations:

  • Use a descriptive user-agent header.
  • Use robots.txt at all times.
  • There must not be an adverse effect on your access to Warriorforum’s functioning.
  • You must give your correct contact details or registered email address.

You represent and warrant us for not using automated tools such as machine learning or Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) to create any service competition to the Warriorforum Platform. Which derivative works of our material or other commercial purposes.

No Endorsement or Verification:

Please note that our online discussion forum Warriorforum contains access to third-party content, products, and services and provides interaction with third parties.

Participation on the Warriorforum platform does not amount to our verification or endorsement. We do not warrant the authenticity, accuracy, completeness, correctness, or timeliness of any material posted on the Warriorforum platform.

You acknowledge and agree that the content and material remain the property of Warriorforum’s users or our online discussion forum, Warriorforum.

All the data Warriorforum collects regarding the use of this platform by you, or anyone else is the property of its subsidiaries and affiliates.

However, we grant you a personal and limited license to use and access the content, materials, and data or information made available on our platform in association with your use of Warriorforum. That is subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.