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Upcoming Best Games Of 2023


If you’re looking for a video game to play during 2023, there are plenty of great titles in the works. Some
of these titles are new and others are sequels to games that have been out for a while. Daily Gaming
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You might have heard about the long-awaited Dead Island 2 and the upcoming Spider-Man 2, but you
may not know about all the other upcoming video games that are set to launch in this year.
One Piece Odyssey is a massive turn-based RPG that will have players playing as Monkey D. Luffy and
other members of the Straw Hat Pirates. This will be a brand-new story for the series, and you’ll be able
to explore a wider One Piece world. The game will also feature new mini-games and an enhanced visual
style. It’s set to release in January of 2023, and it will also be released on PC and PS5.

In addition to the mainline entries in the series, you can expect to see Fire Emblem Engage and Spider-
Man 2. These are both scheduled for release in January of 2023, and will both feature a new fighting
system. Both games will feature character-based tactics and turn-based gameplay.

Another title you’ll be able to play in 2023 is the latest addition to the Suicide Squad franchise. Suicide
Squad: Kill the Justice League will let you take on the role of various members of the Suicide Squad.
Although the game has a narrative-based approach, you’ll be able to explore the world and use magical
powers to fight off an evil villain named Brainiac.

There’s also an upcoming horror-western FPS, Redfall. The game was originally scheduled to be released
in 2022 but has been pushed back to 2023. Also, there’s a new co-op game in the works, called
Contraband. This is being developed by Avalanche Studios and will take place in a fictional 1970s Bayan.

There’s also the much-anticipated Atomic Heart. This ambitious FPS-RPG hybrid will feature characters
from Fallout, BioShock, and Far Cry. Players will be able to fight monsters, explore star systems, and
create their own characters. As you’ll probably expect, this game looks a lot more exciting than it sounds,
and it has the potential to be a huge hit.

Finally, a couple of smaller, narrative-based games are also in the works. Ghost Story Games is working
on something a little different than the usual action RPG, while Judas is a first-person shooter. Both of
these titles have stunning visual styles and are bound to be very popular.

Of course, 2023 is going to feature a lot of new IPs. You’ll find some Xbox Pass games, some Switch
games, and lots of PS5 games. Plus, there are a number of Xbox Series X games to look forward to.
That’s not to mention all the great PC games you’ll be able to play. So, you’ll definitely want to keep an
eye out for the best games coming out in 2023.

So, which of these upcoming video games is right for you? Whichever one you choose, you’ll be sure to
have a great time.

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